Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Shiny! Get Crafty for Charity.

The Austin Browncoats are looking for crafty volunteers for charity! Fun! I'm totally making some Kaylee Parasols and I might even get crazy and knit a Jayne hat (much to Michelle's amusement, I'm sure.) See below for the deets:

Call for Knitters

"The Austin Browncoats need some knitting help. Many of you heard about our knit-a-thon at Dragon*Con 2008. Claudia knit 12 hats during the course of booth hours, which is an impressive feat. The hats are so popular that we have pre-orders coming in weekly. We're looking for individuals that are interested in helping us knit hats for charity. For more information about the charities we support, visit: Austin Browncoats Charity .

We will provide you with a starter kit, that will include the pattern or pattern and yarn (according to if you want to donate your knitting time or your knitting time AND yarn). We will provide receipts to all knitters to document time, as well as monetary donations.

We are in need of knit wool and acrylic hats, but are not in need of crocheted Jayne hats currently. We are working on being able to provide acrylic yarn, but as of right now, we can only provide wool yarn.


We are also in need of folks to help paint some of those shiny, rainbow colored parasols as seen carried by our favorite mechanic, Kaylee. We'll provide the parasols, but as a volunteer, you will need to provide your own paint and, of course, painting skill! We will need some parasols completed in time for Dragon*Con (September 4-7th), so the sooner you can work your artistic magic, the better!"

If you are interested in any of these positions, please write to

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Anonymous said...

Talk about your deadbeat loser series. Firefly sucked. Another Joss Whedon failure. I'm highly suspicious of those who'd form a monthly group around such a lousy storyline. Probably a bunch of Joss Whedon sycophants who can't think for themselves. The acting sucked, too. I wouldn't fit in with The Austin Browncoats. Since they are located in Austin, I bet they only allow liberal elitist libtard losers to join. No independent thinkers allowed. Don't get me started on that. Austin sucks, too. And I hate the group's name (The Austin Browncoats) for reasons that are obvious to any student of history. My acidic diatribe aside, I give them credit for their charitable contributions (but that's it).
Be that as it may, I think Tara is a real gem to donate her time and knit for this weirdo group. Not only is she utterly and devastatingly beautiful, but she's kind. I like that. This girl is tops in Alex B's book.....

Alex B.