Saturday, August 22, 2009

What's the sitch? - Whedonverse News Round-Up

Tthe upcoming DVD release of Bones: The Complete Fourth Seasonwill apparently include a Buffy Season 8 Comic Book Adaptation "Forced Trailer." Will this be for the rumored motion comic? Scott Allie said Dark Horse wasn't really involved when we spoke to him at SDCC last month, so we're not sure. Either way, it's nice that David "Boreano" is still being associated with Buffy, even though he'd clearly rather that wasn't the case.

Bid on these super duper cool Doc Horrible figurines on eBay. The Captain Hammer one is signed by Nathan Fillion and all the feet are signed by the artist underneath. 100% of sales will support Kids Need to Read. I want one. That is all.

James Marsters will be appearing on both the BG prequel Caprica (exec produced by Jane Espenson, of course) and the Fox series Lie To Me, allowing him to put the pause on his pimping for a minute, much to the dismay of Spikehards everywhere. Yeah, I just made that pet name for super Spike fans up, what?

Gina Torres is currently slated to appear on at least 2 episodes of Gossip Girl, playing Gabriela Abrams - mother to home-schooled vid-kid Vanessa. I'm sure Bitsy will review that in his "Watcher's Council" or something when the time comes as like many, he's a GG fiend.

The Guild Music Video "Do You Want to Date My Avatar?" has been released to the public. Check that out below in all it's 80's dance track goodness and see Felicia Day get spanked with a cosplay sword.

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Anonymous said...

How much you want to bet our lovely Tara would be the first in line to lay down the green in order to spend some quality time with the Spikester? We all know how women are. Personally, I'd pay money to have breakfast with Tara. What a gal. Yessireebob. I'm probably too much man for her, though. I'm too much man for most, if not all, women....

Alex B.