Saturday, August 29, 2009

What's the Sitch? - The "We Love Summer Glau" Edition

Disclaimer: "What's the Sitch?" is a Whedonverse news recap and usually contains spoilers.

Summer Glau has been confirmed to save the show for a stint on Dollhouse starting with ep 5. She won't be playing an active/doll as Joss feels she's done that type of role quite enough, thank you very much. Previously confirmed is the handsome Alexis Denisof and Amy Acker will be back as well. What's the count on Whedonverse actors so far?

Speaking of Stunning Summer Glau, she's completed a pilot for a show called Good Morning Rabbit. Looks weird and stylized and cool. And if it's really, really cool, and I love it more than any show on television, it'll prolly get picked up and get canceled in it's first or second season. Check out the trailer here.

Day 3 of I09's Smackdown of Tv's Biggest Badass was River Tam vs. Terminator Cameron or for those not following along at home: Summer Glau vs. Summer Glau. River won, then beat Buffy (of all people), and is still the reigning champ so far! Today she is up against what looks like the David Tennant version of The Doctor, but I guess she's up against The Doctor in general.

Wizardworld's Big Apple Comic Con will be the weekend of October 16th. Some stars of the Whedonverse will be in attendance including Emma Caulfield, Miracle Laurie, Mark Sheppard and others. What, no Summer Glau? Sorry, trying to stay consistent. We'll be there too, of course! Although Bits might just be going to stalk Ernie Hudson.

JustJared has season 2 promo pics for Dollhouse, which starts it's 2nd season in that damned time slot on Sept 25th. Looks like it'll be more of Eliza (now blonder) in leather pants. With a gun. I think I just might have to do a post about how Sarah Connor Chronicles had the best damn costuming department in television and maybe Joss should have called them up the same time he called Summer Glau? Just saying.

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River Tam beat Buffy Summers? F--k that....