Sunday, October 12, 2014

Firefly: Online Panel at NYCC 2014

The MMORPG Firefly Online panel was held at NYCC day 1 and we have the full panel below! QMx CEO Andy Gore, Spark Plug Games' tech director John O'Neil, casting director Andrea Romano and composer Dave Wesley were all there to reveal some fun tidbits. The team had already announced that the whole Firefly cast would be reuniting to voice their characters for the game - yes including Alan Tudyk and yes, he is still dead. Well, Wash is, not Alan. Gosh! But you know what I mean. They also announced that cast interviews about the show that will be included in the game and showed a sneak-peek of Morena Baccarin as Inara.

There are 14 interviews being edited and packaged for inclusion on "The Cortex," a related app. You can register for the online version now of "The Cortex" now. Firefly Online is scheduled for Spring of 2015.

Apologies to the sound on the second half of this vid...especially to Dave Wesley whose lovely performance at the end sounds less than stellar due to our main camera pooped out and we had to switch to the emergency back-up camera!

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