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So sorry about the late post / review of Buffy Seaon 10 issue 7. Shit be crazy over here.

In this issue, Dawn and Xander have broken up. They've moved into their separate apartments across the hall from each other. Dawn lives with Buff. Xander and Spike ARE NOW ROOMIES!!! Even the Buffster has enough self-awareness to know that "they seem like they are living beyond their means" "much like a situation on FRIENDS (NBC)!!"

What goes on here? Well - Xander is moving on from Dawn. Dawn seems already over it because of her magical reset. Xander doesn't have it so easy because he has to deal with being a mortal in love. Duh guys - it takes time. This leads to some male-bonding time between Spike and Xander. They grab a drink at a place not unlike the Bronze (remember that dump??). And they are enchanted by two ladies, who seem totally made for both Xander and Spike. One loves his poetry and the other loves Xander's dorkiness. Then it leads us to this sweet pic - if you dig the male form......this goes on for a few pages.

A fight ensues - a Buffy episode is not complete without a battle. Spike and Xander do this all in clad in boxers (which is great for straight dudes - but gay dudes love briefs).

But the real moving moment of the issue comes to Xander and "Anya" (which is STILL unclear if she is a ghost or a figment of Xander's imagination). Xander apologies to Anya for all the wrong he's ever done in a "semi-serious kinda choke you up" scene. Anya maturely shrugs it off and accepts how their relationship panned out (in a heartbreaking way). However, she wants to keep the lines of communication open - because Anya isn't here to find out about love. She simply wants to find out what she is meant here to do and she wants his help.

Meanwhile, Dowling (remember *that guy*?) - he and Spike have a talk about how Spike is still in love with Buffy. Shit smells complicated. I guess call this is a recap. I am really on board. Also, kudos to Rebekah on the best outfits for Season 10. Somehow she really gets the style of the show. There's a certain UPN/CW/WB-ness to it.

This is a great issue that plays out like a "little indie film" (kind of tired of hearing people say that)....but it was a sweet issue with a lot of character interplay and super-relatable activity. BUY this series and enjoy these people and these characters.

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Vix & Lp Creations said...

No comment on the appearance of a character from the mediocre non-canon spike: into the light? It felt so contrived and uncomfortable and Gosh, I hope they don't go down that road...It is rather offensive for us intelligent Buffy fans out there.