Sunday, October 19, 2014

Nick Brendon, You So Crazy - Part Two

Nicholas Brendon, slowly but surely becoming the Whedonverse's own Nick Nolte, was arrested for being a drunk, hot mess again at a Comic Convention in Boise, Idaho over the weekend. Just 2 weeks after getting married, he must have been still celebrating just a bit too hard.

Poor Nick, looking a bit bruised and worse for the wear in his mugshot on Saturday Morning, still turned up at the Tree City Con the next day...a delight to fans we're sure.

CNN reports:

Brendon was in town for the Tree City Comic Con. Police were called to a downtown hotel Friday after reports of a disturbance in the lobby, according a news release from the Boise Police Department. "When officers arrived, they found the suspect who showed signs of intoxication and repeatedly refused officers commands to stay seated while officers tried to speak with witnesses," the release said. "When the suspect continued to try and walk away, officers took him into custody for resisting and obstructing."

The hotel staff said Brendon had broken a decorative dish and they wanted to press charges. He was booked into the Ada County Jail and bonded out, police said. Brendon is charged with two misdemeanors -- malicious injury to property and resisting or obstructing officers. Police say additional charges are possible. 

Brendon remained on the schedule to speak at an event Saturday evening. His Twitter account thanked fans for their "love, support and positive vibes."

Haha! Broken a "decorative dish!" What the hell is this nonsense?

You might remember the first part of this story back in 2010 when Nicky got drunk once again and was very rudely tased by the po po! Keep your head up, buddy. We've all been there. Well not exactly there being booked in Boise and all, but you know what we're sayin'....the fans still love ya.

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