Thursday, October 9, 2014

Part 2 of Buffyfest's Final Interview with Scott Allie on Retiring from 'Buffy'

As we reported earlier today, Scott Allie is stepping down from editing the Whedonverse titles at Dark Horse after having the role, well, forever. The simple fact is, there's never been a Buffy comic without Scott Allie and saying goodbye to him today has been particularly hard.

For those wondering how the transition will take place to the new Buffy editor Sierra Hahn, Scott had this to say:

"We work on the books pretty far out. I actually haven’t lifted a finger on a Whedon book since shortly after San Diego [Comic Con in July], but I’d edited scripts up to #11, I’d handled some covers, some collections, and of course the basic story line of all of Season 10 was worked out in Hollywood well over a year ago in a meeting that I mostly ran … So there’s not a month or even an issue where you can say, "He’s out!” and yet, on the other hand, I am indeed out, and Sierra’s steering the whole thing on her own."

Watch below to see the second part of our interview with Scott where he talks about what he's learned from working with Joss Whedon, how Buffy should end and his future with Abe Sapien.

Scott Allie, we cannot thank you enough for your work and dedication to the Whedonverse fandom. You will be sorely missed. I think we can speak for everyone when we say: We wish you the best of luck and happiness to you in everything you do. Your career accomplishments are kick-ass and you're an inspiration to many. Most of all, you've been a great friend to Buffyfest, and we'll never forget it.

Now can he rest Buffyverse? Can he rest?

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