Tuesday, October 14, 2014

NYCC Recap - Final Day: Amazing Cosplay, Super-Cute 'Firefly', Rapping Veggies & more!

The last day of New York Comic Con was a chill one. We basically just took in all the wonders.

Actually one of highlights of the day is a cosplay story to be told. It all started with a little Jayne Cobb running by, maybe 6 years old, complete with facial hair and Nerf brand Vera. What was this amazingness? "OMG!" I screamed, unable to move, and pointed in his direction, but the words wouldn't come out and he was running so fast. Luckily Ryan looked up, saw what was making me speechless and said, "Wait, no way, there's a little Kaylee too!" Without another word we just instinctively gave chase through the crowd, squishing through the packed Javits entranceway, down an escalator, and a full 5 minutes of running later we saw them all and just *gasped*. It was an entire Firefly family! Complete with caretaker Mal! When we asked to please please please take a photo they all got into like a rehearsed formation, complete with frickin River Tam signature double-weapon pose and we all *gasped* a second time. Could you not die? Check them out below.

So adorable. Speaking of cuteness in the Firefly 'verse, the QMX booth was previewing this cute Serenity plush - well more like a beanie - compete with detaching shuttles that pop out of the sides. I think I might need this!

Here's a slew of great Buffy Cosplayers from the duration of the convention all taken by Kevin. Check them out below!

Drusilla and Darla

Buffy & Giles

Eye-patch Xander - maybe you can't tell but he's mid-Snoopy dance.

Another Dru!

Season 1 Buffy!

Whedonverse coat of arms…pick out all of the Joss icons!

And a couple of us Buffyfest types, Tara & Kevin.

We still have a few more gems from NYCC to roll out, including our interview with Amber Benson, later this week. I'll leave you with these very entertaining rapping veggies called Super Sprowtz. Check out their YouTube channel. These guys were dedicated and look, it is important to eat your veggies you know.

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