Thursday, June 25, 2009

"Fallen Angel" - Exclusive interview with Peter David

Back at NYCC, IDW announced that Peter David's fantastic series, Fallen Angel, would not only be coming back but would be making its triumphant return with a four issue arc all about our favorite sort of evil ancient demon, Illyria. With the release of the first issue of this arc on the loom (it'll be out in July), I had the chance to catch up with Peter David to ask him to briefly talk about the particulars of the upcoming story and why Fallen Angel is the the series that fans of Buffy and Angels hould be reading. Here's how it went:

Buffyfest: What parallels do you see between Buffy and Fallen Angel's protagonist, Lee, and why do you think fans of Buffy and Angel will connect with Fallen Angel?

Peter David: Both of them are beings who once had overwhelming power and found themselves cast down from that level of strength. The thing is, it's approached from opposite ends. Illyria was a demon lord; Liandra was one of the heavenly host. Illyria was cast down because others feared her power; Liandra because she exercised free will in defiance of God. Indeed, in many ways they are alike, which naturally is enough to guarantee they will take an instant dislike to each other (thus insuring tha hilarity will ensue.) As for Buffy fans, I think it's safe to say that fans of BtVS like a strong heroine. The fact is that the Fallen Angel has a sizable contingent of female fans. The Fallen Angel wears a fairly concealing costume (as opposed to a thong and bra), she has a modest body type as opposed to gigantic breasts, she smokes too much, drinks too much, curses too much, and has lousy taste in men. For some reason, women find her easy to identify with. Go figure. Anyway, I think that Buffy fans will find themselves fairly comfortable walking the streets of Bete Noire.

BF: For those just jumping into Fallen Angel now, what do they need to know before they pick up the first issue of the Illyria arc?

PD: In point of fact, they don't need to know anything. Since Illyria's mission is what drives the story, I decided to make her the first person narrative, focal point. Anyone new to the series will have no problem with it because they're seeing it entirely through Illyria's eyes. Fans meeting the denizens of Bete Noire won't be confused because Illyria is meeting them at the same time, and there is no presupposed knowledge under those circumstances. For those interested in finding out more about the Fallen Angel and Bete Noire (the City that Shapes the World) I would recommend the brand spanking new Fallen Angel Omnibus which reprints, in one handy package, the first 21 issues of the series.

BF: What's the basic premise of this Illyria story?

PD: It takes place shortly after "Time Bomb." Illyria has lost a substantial portion of her powers and is feeling more distant, more cut off, more frustrated than ever. Then she has an unusual encounter at Wolfram and Hart with a gentleman identifying himself as one of the Hierarchy, the unseen organization that has the ultimate authority over Bete Noire (not dissimilar from the Senior Partners at W&H.) The gentleman offers her a fascinating deal: He can set her on a course that will enable her to become all that she was and more, and in exchange she simply has to dispose of the Fallen Angel.

I hope all you Illyria and Buffy fans are getting excited! Peter David is one of the most prolific writers in the business and I can think of no one better to tell Illyria's story. I'll be posting a review of the Fallen Angel Omnibus shortly but, and this almost goes without saying: I highly reccommend picking it up straight away as it is a thoroughly brilliant read.


Jayunderscorezero said...

The wierdest part of this is that Fallen Angel is already - dubiously - connected to the mainstream DC comics universe (and Marvel as well, as further research has shown me), which would effectively mean that Buffy and Angel are now part of the same universe as Superman and Batman.

Ok, maybe not. Still, that's a crossover I'd certainly love to see. (That and the also unlikely Buffy/Aliens)

Queen Anthai said...

Liandra is my favorite, favorite, favorite original Peter David character. EVER. I would buy her crossing over with Captain Carrot.

But Illyria? I've been waiting for this since the nanosecond it was announced. Hurry up, July!

ryan marshall said...

Was Liandra/Fallen Angel ever referenced or acknowledged in any other DC titles before? If not its probably just published by DC, but not part of the official DC Universe.

But yes can't wait for this!