Sunday, June 14, 2009

fanvid sunday: affilliate edition

Last week a certain someone wondered if his very first fanvid would make it to this little site on the Sunnydale prairie. Well question no more, oh studdly slayalive mod extraordinaire! Straight from the editing skills of the one and only James Sexton aka Wyndam; here is a fanvid tribute to "Not Fade Away" which is one of the best series finales of all time.

Angel: Before the Fall from James Sexton on Vimeo.

Happy Sunday, Buffyfesters and awesome vid, wyndam!


hitnrun917 said...

Yay Jamie!

Such a great, epic video.

Anonymous said...

Excellent! I just finished Angel for the first time a few days truly was a great finale

Wyndam said...

Thanks for posting this! I really appreciate it! Hope everyone that watched enjoyed it.