Tuesday, June 9, 2009

First Look: Whedonless "Buffy" movie cast revealed

Buffyfest has acquired an exclusive first look at the cast for the new Buffy "reboot" movie. Is it us, or does something seem a little off here?


Sandra Michelle Hellar

Ally Flannigan


Stewie Foot

Davis Boreano
Jimmy Masters

Dazzle Woodworker

Amber Bensonhurst

And Breckin Meyer will be playing "Oz"


Mike said...

LMFAOO That girl looks like a CHOLA.

Tara said...

Ha! You must mean "Dazzle Woodworker."

Jennifer Lipari said...

Tee - you are too funny! these are hysterical.

Tara said...

It was Michelle's idea..I just made the pics. Ivan thought of a bunch too. We were laughing and laughing like fools when we were thinking them up. Especially "Jimmy Masters" for some odd reason. Ha!

And for the record, that's Anthony Stewart Head's hair on Patrick Stewart's head! So stupid! Haha!

wyndam said...

"And Breckin Meyer will be playing "Oz" bwahahahahahahahahaha!

Skytteflickan88 said...


But did yo do anything to the benson picture?

Anonymous said...

OK, I definitely needed that laugh!! Thanks.

snowpop said...

omg. made. of. win.

Tara said...

Hee! Thanks all. And yes, that's unaltered Amber but she already totally looks like Amber Bensonhurst there...no?

Unknown said...

Patrick Stewart would make an awesome watcher. Not Giles, his watcher would be different, but I have some much love for Patrick Stewart!

Anonymous said...

My compliments to you. You have just creeped me out! Those were very creepy and funny, but mostly creepy.
I do agree that Patrick Stewart would be a wonderful watcher!