Friday, July 17, 2009

NYC Dr. Horrible screening and Q&A with Joss Whedon

The day after the Emmy Awards, Joss will be getting on a plane and high tailing it over to Buffyfest's coast for a little Dr Horrible fun. He'll be hosting a screening at the Peter Jay Sharp Theater to benefit 826NYC - which is a non-profit helping students in creative writing. Afterwards will be a Q&A (probably moderated by Matt "crazy eyes" Roush) with Joss and some currently undisclosed, but possibly one or more from the photo above, "Special Guests." Will Mr. Whedon arrive an Emmy winner? We shall see!

The theater is on Broadway and 95th st in Manhattan. Tickets are $26 (plus fees) and can be purchased here. We'll be there live blogging too, of course!


Anonymous said...

What's so wonderful about Joss Whedon? Granted, I haven't seen Dollhouse or been to the Dr. Horrible blog, but I have watched all of Buffy, Angel, and Firefly. Angel and Firefly were excruciatingly dull, to say the least (save a few characters that provided a glimmer of light, here and there). All around bad acting and equally painful storylines and epidodes were the hallmarks of these two flounders (the acting in Firefly was a tad better in comparison to Angel-just a tad). However, they were both tedious to say the least. Buffy, on the other hand, was pure bliss. Whedon got lucky, however. How'd he get lucky? The cast was his saving grace. The writing was good, but anyone could have accomplished competent writing with a cast whose chemistry was so great.
In conclusion, I think you lock/step conformist Whedonphiles are a bunch of sychophantic elitist borderline brain dead losers. Anyone who would place Whedon on a pedestal is clearly lacking in sound judgment....

Alex B.

Tara said...


Do you frequent Buffyfest, Alex B, or were you just scouring the internet looking for a Whedon site to bash and just happen to land on this fantastic one?

[Kind of agree with him on that last part, though.]

Anonymous said...

To answer your question, Tara, I've never been to this site until today, but my brother has. He left early this morning for a week long research trip for grad school. He left his home laptop behind and I got into his browser. Like the retard he is, he didn't clear it (he's not as smart as he thinks). He's the one who frequents this site, apparently.
He loves Buffy and Joss Whedon stuff. Then again, he's a total loser (when it comes to liking Whedon, that is). He has all 7 seasons of Buffy and all 5 of Angel. I can watch Buffy and Angel whenever I want, although I never rewatch Angel because it's the very definition of trash TV.
This is a pretty cool site, but "fantastic?" Your word. It'd be better if you left out your Whedon hero worship. That's just boring and conforming for the sake of conforming.

Alex B.

Bitsy said...

Considering the multiple occasions in which I've personally been taken to task specifically for not being a "Whedon worshiper", this whole exchange comes off as hilariously ironic.

U said...

Damn! I only heard about this now, and tickets are sold out. I'm from Finland and just happen to be in New York at that time, my first visit to the Big Apple, yay! Anyway, anybody know a way to still get a ticket to the screening?

Tara said...

Not sure, U. I'll hit the twitter circuit to see if anyone has an extra for you.