Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bill Compton, I'm disappointed in you

I feel a bit betrayed by Bill. I know the problem I'm about to rant about was revealed the episode before last of True it's a bit late, but I admit that we here at Buffyfest are definitely slacking. We'll fix all that in the next 2 weeks as September has some super fun in store. Back on subject, this whole business of Sookie conveniently having a "sexual bond" with Eric now that she's sucked his blood is pissing me off. It rings like bad continuity at best, ugly betrayal at worst. Here's why: Sookie drank from Bill back in the beginning of season 1 and he/the writers never mentioned this little fact. So she's been hot for Vampire Bill for a year and he's basically slipped her a permanent vampire Roofie himself? REAL CLASSY! I'm sorry that's so deceiving, Sookie's feelings may not even be her own. And now you're jealous that Eric pulled the same con job? Please. Holy hypocrisy. I'll say it before and I'll say it again, the vampires on this show would be slayed by the Buffster without a second thought. Well, unless they looked like Angel. Or Spike. Or Dracula, for that matter...but you know what I mean.

Poor writing or Bill's a date rapist? You decide.

Meanwhile, I'm ashamed to admit, date-rape accidental metaphor and all, I'm still addicted to this show. This past Sunday's ep was fantasic. Jason Stackhouse has become the baddassiest dude in all of Bon Temps. Sookie's Jesus or something. Reluctantly staying tuned!


Roxie said...

I'm not really sure why they wrote that into the show. It's not in the books.

However, Bill didn't pull a trick as much as he felt he owed Sookie for saving his life and thus saved hers by giving her some of his blood.

What about Godric?
And Jessica?

Rich said...

Never read the books... tried Twilight couldn't suffer it past page 190... gave up, and since have no intention of seeing the film. Back to True Blood- Why did Godric burn a different color. Perhaps his age had something to do with it? But yeah the bond between the Sookie and Eric, lame! Sookie should stake 'em both and go back to Sam Merlotte~!

Dar said...

Just to clarify for you.

S1 AND S2 take place within a 6 week timeline total. So it has only been a few weeks since Bill and Sookie got together.

Bill mentions "Increased libido" as a side effect to taking his blood.

He also mentions he will be able to sense when she is in danger.

It is not bad writing. There is a larger deeper plot point to whatever omissions Bill has made.

It is covered in the books although not in as much detail.

I love this show like cake.

Roxie said...

Good points Dar.

Yes Rich, He burned differently due to his age.

I must be the only person who doesn't really like Sam that much.

Anonymous said...

Well folks, this is Alex B's stop. All good things must end. I'm off to the land of the cracked bell for my freshman year at UofP, but not to worry. I shall return for a holiday hello (not until then, however-I must study and not hang out here with this questionable lot of Buffyfester fanatics). I've had a grand time visiting this fine blog, and I must say I've enjoyed the company. I want to thank all of my loyal supporters, but most of all I want to give a big hug and a juicy kiss to that hot mama deluxe-Tara. Yowser. She's my woman.
Keep up the good work, friends. Long live Buffyfest!

Alex B.

Tara said...

Re: Roxie - True, he didn't trick her into the whole blood sucking,he was helping her...but the withholding of info remains. I guess my point is, if he knew sexual feelings toward the one vampire was a side effect, then I wish he would've explained it more clearly to Sook (and the audience). How can she know which of her feelings for Bill are real and which are a forced sexual lust? Now she's seemingly feeling guilty for having the beginnings of the same feelings for Eric, but it's the same deal. What a headfuck...I'd be so angry at Bill Compton. Not very gentlemanly, imo.

And the fact that they've written Sookie to be this passive about it is enraging me even further. But maybe it's just me.

Re: Dar - Thanks for clarifying the timeline. I didn't realize such little time has passed. I'm feeling cakey feelings toward True Blood too but it's the type of thing like I can't stop eating this delicious cake even though it's filled with bad fat calories and gluten. Hee!

Re: Alex B. Have a great time at school. Learn lots and be good!

crystalsinger said...

Re: Jason being a badass...

Was I the only one who LOL'd when I realised that his 'Rambo' accoutrements were all construction tools? Nail gun? LOL.

Anonymous said...

Re: Tara - as a book reader and show lover, all I can say is ... yup.