Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Guest Blog Post - Welcome Danner!

While Michelle has been moving cross country, we've decided to have a few guests over for virtual cocktails here at Buffyfest. Our first guest will be having sodas she's underage, though. Oh, alright...she can have a nip! Let's just not develop any "Beer Bad" type binging problems, mmkay? Foamy!

Aaanywho, please give a warm welcome to our fandom friend Danner, who's joining us to write about her young generation's introduction to the Whedonverse. ::applause::

"A majority of Buffy fans these days are ones that began watching the series when it first aired on television, but there is also a fairly large portion of them that recently joined the fandom. People that jumped on the bandwagon a tad too late were often the ones that relied on DVD sets to get their Buffy fix. A great number of this new generation of Buffy fans are in their teens and are making strides in the online Buffyverse communities.

I joined the fandom late as well. Originally, I had only picked up the show on a whim. I knew very little about the plot and characters, though I had heard good things about it when I was younger. I was thrilled when I found that my local library had all seven seasons! I quickly made my way through all of the seasons on DVD and then began to watch Angel as well. When I finally decided to join online Buffyverse communities, I was startled to see that so many of the members were around my age (late teens and early 20s). The show has such a wide range of appeal that it is still attracting new people to the fandom years and years after the show first aired.

I think that the reason for this lies within the characters. They are very easy to relate to, no matter what age you are. For younger fans, the show makes the perils of high school seem insignificant when compared to the obstacles that Buffy has to face. The Scooby Gang is plagued with relatively 'normal' problems as well. The internal struggles that Buffy and the gang face are ones that everyone goes through at some point in their lives.

For some, Willow's struggle to fit in might be particularly hard-hitting. Buffy and Angel's forbidden love may echo personal experiences, or Xander's difficulties with girls might reflect the audience's. The relationships formed in Buffy are very realistic and create situations that draw viewers into the story even further. Though the clothing and technology might seem a bit dated to those unaccustomed to 90s culture (I know I was thrown for a loop when I saw the computer that Willow used in “I Robot, You Jane”!), the messages and dynamic nature of the characters remain completely intact. I hope that this stays the same for future generations that decide to join the fandom.

The number of fans is expanding as people share Buffy and the rest of the 'verse with their friends and family. I've introduced a few people to it, myself. How many young people do you know that have recently gotten into the Whedonverse?"



Classic Maiden said...

I'm currently getting my fiancé into BTVS (at season 3) and he's been digging it so far. I've shown him Firefly (which he absolutely loved), but have still to get to Angel.

I became a fan of BTVS back in 1999 when they began airing it here in Denmark. As with any show, the wait between episode were hard. The best was talking to other fans on the Internet when there was nobody else in my life who watched the show.

I think it's wonderful that there's still many people who are getting into the show!


Anonymous said...

Despite my manly appearance, sexy good looks, and adult intellect/superior intellectual prowess, I must admit to being a tad bit younger than most Buffy addicts (okay, probably a lot younger) and thus started my Buffy addiction after the show ended.
Danner, you hit the nail on the head about all the reasons so many people love Buffy. My brother kinda got me hooked, so I see the series through his eyes. He'd always philosophize on the "Philosophy of Buffy," and I accordingly tend to take the series pretty seriously (I was indoctrinated that way---much to my mother's consternation, my brother keeps his series DVDs right beside the literature on the book case for easy access). But it's fun time viewing, as well.
I don't know much about TV or TV shows, but I suspect Buffy will be around for a long time.
Like you said, the characters are just so full and rich and totally lovable. Plus, there is great chemistry between the characters. I think Buffy is a very unique viewing experience....

Alex B.

Anonymous said...

I got into Buffy last January, after Dollhouse. I'd seen the first episode or two and thought it was amazing(mostly the premise) and I was really sick of waiting a week to watch more. So I decided to look at what the creator did and I saw Buffy, Angel, and Firefly. So I quickly started watching Buffy on Hulu and then before I knew it I had all Seven Seasons of Buffy and all five of Angel. I've since finished everything, but I've converted six friends to Buffy as well.

Fantasy Poll said...

Vote for Buffy as best fantasy show and also for Sarah


Scar said...

Last summer my brother bought all seven series of Buffy, not entirely sure why, our parents used to watch it when we were younger. And I started watching with him. He went back to uni and left his dvds behind so I watched them all over again, and again, and now I'm showing them to my friends because I love Buffy so much! The musical is my absolute favourite!