Friday, July 23, 2010

Buffyfest Interviews IDW's Mariah Huehner at SDCC

Today was the official first day of San Diego Comic Con and besides Joss' exciting panel with JJ Abrams, we also had the pleasure of catching up with the kids over at IDW for a quick chat about all comicy things Angel. We also got a few sweet little secret tidbits that we'll reveal in a couple of days. In the mean time, check out our interview with IDW's editor supreme, the lovely Mariah Huehner:

Buffyfest: This is Dan a.k.a Bitsy live from San Diego Comic Con (not really live because I'm recording this) and I'm standing here with editor at IDW of the Angel series, Mariah Huehner. I've said some words, now say hello.

Mariah: Hi!

Buffyfest: It's very exciting. How are you doing? How have things been here so far?

Mariah: Really busy. Really, really busy and it's only Thursday so...

Buffyfest: Good.

Mariah: Yeah.

Buffyfest: I feel like we'll make it through.

Mariah: I think so.

Buffyfest: I believe it. Let's talk about Angel.

Mariah: Let's.

Buffyfest: Because I watch that show and read the comic book.

Mariah: You know I do too.

Buffyfest: And I feel like you do something with it.

Mariah: I do.

Buffyfest: So you and I used talk about how difficult it is to continue a story through a comic medium. What do you feel like has changed in your philosophy now that you're eight issues in with how you continue the Angel story?

Mariah: I think the thing that really becomes apparent really quickly is how big the cast is and how much we really need to still find ways to focus on the core Angel relationship with other people. I think that's always a really big challenge so I think the more that we're kind of looking at the story going forward the more we're like "Okay, what do we need to do with Angel, where does he need to go, where does he need to be by the end of this issue and what are his most important relationships" so I think that's what we've been trying to focus us on now especially going forward.

Buffyfest: If there's a big cast, should people be expecting someone to die?

Mariah: Yes.

Buffyfest: Is the herd going to get thinned?

Mariah: It is. I mean it is a Whedonverse kind of thing so, you know there's going to be death, yeah.

Buffyfest: Excellent. Let's talk about the theme of destiny versus free will because it's a big part of the show and it feels like that's been a big part of the comic so far because we've had this stuff with Connor and all of the sudden he has this new thing going on, Angel always has his traditional thing and Spike is maybe going to be experimenting with that stuff. How much control do they have right now?

Mariah: At the moment I think we're really going on the basis that they have an awful lot of control and that maybe they shouldn't have been relying so much on the ideas of destiny. I think, the show always kind of kept that a little bit nebulous, like there were clearly that were set up that were, like obviously Connor stuff there's alot of of other stuff that has to do with choices that they make. Things that they're predestined to do or not they still have to make the choice to get there. So, I think that's kinda been a major theme that Bill's been working on atleast, like what is Angel doing and why is he doing it. Does he care? I think other characters are trying to figure it out, too. Especially someone like Spike which is kind of daunting I think. When someone else is like, I knows exactly what my purpose is and the other person'a like, I'm not sure what that is.

Buffyfest: Speaking of Spike...

Mariah: Sure.

Buffyfest: There's a very serious question that fans seem to have on there minds, a bit of a controversy...heart on the underwear. Your thougths?

Mariah: That was really meant to e a playful thing that Bill was doing. A silly, kinda fun irreverent...

Buffyfest: Was that actually scripted in...heart underwear?

Mariah: Yeah, a specific hearted underwear. It was supposed to be kind a fun, silly kinda thing. A kind of levity. Sadly I don't think it quite registered. I thought it was fun and playful.

Buffyfest: That's okay. I just was kind of curious.

Maraih: Yeah, it was defintitely a deliberate, scripted thing.

Buffyfest; Alright, so if we were going to sum up where things were headed thematically and try to do it in a sentence. Give people a taste. It can be more than one [sentence] if you want. What would it be? How would we say where in general things are headed?

Mariah: Well, you know Angel's in store for a lot of dramatic shifts, a lot of things are changing really soon. The status quo is going to be completely upheaved - death, people moving around and Angel Investigations is going to look very different, and there's going to be a lot more with what's going on with James and what's happening with L.A. Angel's going to have to really take stock and look at things and decide whether he's going to stick to what he's been doing or take a different tact.

Buffyfest: Awesome. Thus endeth the first part of the interview.

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