Sunday, July 11, 2010

Buffyfest's San Diego Comic Con Schedule

Below is a handy-dandy yet excruciating hurtful chart listing the Whedonverse related events going on at SDCC 2010. As you can see, there are many overlaps so we obviously can't attend everything, but we have yet to pick and choose what we'll be killing. To further the pain, I didn't even add non-Whedon things we want to see (The Walking Dead, Epic Mickey, Harry Potter, etc.) Add a few interviews to the mix and we have some full fledged chaos on our hands! Chaos we're certainly lucky and grateful to have, though.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, folks! I am very much looking forward to Comic-Con, and I think you have an amazing schedule set up here. Quick question, though: What can you tell us about the Hammer Improv on Wednesday? I'm trying to find it online, but I'm just not seeing it anywhere. I very much want to see some improv, but how? Hooooow?!

Okay, thanks.

Tara said...

Here are the deets:

Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em (featuring Felicia Day) is the improv we speak of. Michelle saw it a few months back and reviewed it here:

And tix for Hammer Improv at SDCC can be purchased here: