Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Exclusive Interview with Scott Allie at SDCC 2010

Spoilers for Buffy S.8 and beyond:

A big piece of Whedonverse news coming out of SDCC this year was Joss Whedon's announcement that Scott Allie would be co-writing the tail end of Buffy Season 8. The World Wide Web's still a buzzing with questions about what this all means. We were able to talk to Scott minutes after the announcement was made right in the middle of all the craziness that was Dark Horse's booth at San Diego Comic Con. Scott elaborates on co-writing and also gives us some info on Spike, the Riley One-Shot, Season 9 and more.


Unknown said...

That was an awesome interview! Great stuff there! It's been linked to on both Whedonesque and SlayAlive, FYI.

Michelle said...

Thanks! And thanks for the linkage, too!

Sla said...

Great interview, guys!!! wow, Scott said a lot of interesting things.

Becky said...

Thanks for doing this, Buffyfest! And thanks for keeping us updated on all things Whedonverse-themed.

I'll link this on Buffy-Boards, too.

Tara said...

It's our pleasure. :)

And thanks a lot for sharing on Buffy-Boards, Becky!

Veiriti said...

Awesome interview! Thank you do much for doing this! :)

caroline said...

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heroine_tv said...

"...the only Buffy fansite that doesn't hate me." Hee. Aw, Scott, I don't hate you either. (Also, I love the pigtails, Tara. Adorable.)

Anonymous said...

He is right! all world hate him!! and he know it!!! all fandom in spanish,Italy,france,germany etx hate him!! Im from argentina and all people hate him for the things he do to spike and spuffy fans!!he is right we hate him!

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