Saturday, July 24, 2010

Live Blogging the Marvel Panel

Ok, so at the exact time we were on line for Hall H someone got stabbed in the fucking eye, pardon my French, and I'm not going to lie: I got freaked out. There was chaos and gossip trickling down the long line and no one knew what to believe. Once we saw photos of the attacker getting arrested, I decided to talk to the SDCC green shirts who said the show *might* go on and if it did, it could be about 45 minutes late. Now I don't know why they would allow the panel to go on with blood still drying on the floor (hint: money already $pent), but we high tailed it to the Press Room anyway to check. Now we have learned that the panel is starting exactly on adjusted schedule and here we are. Actually, it's kind of peaceful in here.

Ok, here are the short panel details:

Chris Evans & Hugo Weaving are discussing Captain America. They're
showing clips. Now Kenneth Branagh, Chris Hemsworth & Natalie Portman &
Kat Dennings are here for Thor. More clips.

Uh Oh, Ed Norton Drama in the Q&A! The answer to that was "The Panel's
not over yet"

Samuel L. Jackson, Nick Fury, Announces in order:

Scarlet Johannson, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr.,

RDJ says "Inception was the most Ambitious movie of the year. But then I
thought, Marvel Studios is going to take all the top Super heroes? Most
ambitious movie I've ever seen!"

RDJ goes on: The most important thing was that we found someone to helm
this film that you'd approve of..our director: Joss Whedon!

Joss: [He sounds hoarse, must be all that partying he did last night)

I had a dream, and it was NOT THIS GOOD. These are The Avengers. My
dream team! A team more than the sum of it's parts! More than I could
ever dream of working with.

I'm going to blow it, I'm not up to it, I'm very nervous...I need your
love and your support (applause) thank you, I feel better. We're done,
take care, see you soon!

Will have the video up shortly.


Kaaren said...

In the EYE??? What? Random crowd person? Ew.

Unknown said...

Stabbed in the eye with a pen. Over a seating dispute. Something about someone telling the stabber that he should move because he was sitting in for the next panel (according to the report I read on CBR anyway). Sheesh... guess I won't ask someone to move, ever again, unless I'm wearing some heavy-duty eye protection.