Thursday, March 10, 2011

March Madness - The Hairpocalypse Round 1C

The fun continues here at Buffyfest with our annual March Madness! This year we decided to go with the crazy hair stylings of the Whedonverse in our "Hairpocalypse".

The tournament is already underway, so let's recap last round: Shepard Book's Mad Scientist look took out Darla's powdered wig by a whopping 75%, while Spike's "Crazy in the Basement" hair beat out Buffy's cute flapper wig. In the slayer vs. slayer match, the First Slayer schooled Nicki Wood and finally, Illyria laid a beat down on Buffy's Noble Woman's Wig. Round 1, Region 3 will have 4 matches and will end Sunday night at 11:59 PM EST. After that Round 1d will immediately begin.

Vote below for the Whedonverse hair style that is so bad-ass (or just plain bad) that it would bring forth the apocalypse:

Round 1 - Region 3 Los Angeles

Click below to see the enlarged bracket for the entire Hairpocalypse Tourney:


Michelle said...

Seriously, I think I'm rooting for Angel's 'stache to take it all the way - it's just too much!

My other votes:
Kendra just because her tight pony tail gives me a head ache.

Angel's Orpheus hair is just a hot mess and would definitely bring on an apocalypse.

Beer Bad Hair has nothing on Cordy's blond tragedy.

Tara said...

Cordy's Blond is psychotic!! She looks like an old teacher! I'm sorry, CC is gorgeous but that is a hair tragedy.

Tara said...

No offense to old teachers. I'm just saying she is a gorgeous, famous actress...not my Mrs. Albertson from the 3rd grade!

Cordy's apocalytpic blond FTW!

Unknown said...

This is m favorite round so far! My votes:
- Angel's 'stache -- and I, too, hope it makes to the end!
- Giles' Band Candy hair. Bad in a good way.
- Angel's Orpheus hair. Just soooo bad that it's good.
- Buffy's Beer Bad hair. Just remember, Buff, to say, "A world of no!"

As usual, great tourney from all the Buffyfest kids! ;-D

skyroom80 said...

Erm. That "Robert Downey" comment was meant to be from skyroom80. I'm moderator for a large RDJ community and didn't realize I hadn't signed out. Sorry! Rather Freudian, though, in light of upcoming Avengers movie? ;-)

Natalie Storjord said...

I guess that Illyria and Dark Willow will fight to the end, but Dark Willow will win ;)

heroine_tv said...

You see, I am so torn about Cordy's apocalyptic blonde do. It makes me so sad, and it represents all that was bad about AtS, so I was tempted not to vote for it. I mean, that hair was TRAUMATIZING. When I was watching Angel with two of my sisters, who were watching for the first time, Cordelia's super short blonde hair came up on the DVD menu waaaay in advance, and they were just filled with horror and dread from then on. (I love you, Charisma Carpenter! Bad hair happens to gorgeous and awesome people, I'm sure.) And it's not like I'm just being superficial either. We all know what the blonde brought with it in terms of storyline. Siiiigh. In the end, however, I decided to vote for it because it is hairpocalyptic like no other. But I don't mind if it loses, because I'd rather pretend it doesn't exist.

Alternately, I would like to see Brunette Cordy and Blonde Cordy battle each other, with Brunette Cordy (OF COURSE) winning total victory.

mbatz said...

I LOVE Sunday!!! Don't ask me why:) Also, I think Buffy's Cavegirl hair is very HAWT! Word.