Wednesday, March 30, 2011

(Spoilers) Buffy Season 9 Interview News

We just finished up an interview with the new writer for Season 9! We'll be posting it at 4 pm (PST) on Friday, directly after Wondercon's Dark Horse Panel. Stay tuned!

Also, check out this awesome sneak peak Spike art for Season 9. It's getting exciting around here!


AndrewCrossett said...

THE new writer, you say?

Does that mean there will be only one writer, or that this is the only new one (i.e., that didn't write for season 8)?

Michelle said...

You're a sneaky one, AndrewCrossett!

cil_domney said...

Thanks EVER SO MUCH for the great interview - I love this man already, anyone who has Season 6 as their favorite is a writer that I am going to love. Add that he wrote for the splendid "DollHouse" series and I think we are going to have an outstanding Buffy Season 9.

I look forward to reading the work of Andrew Chambliss - good to have another new writer for the Buffyverse & Angel-Faith coming seasons.