Sunday, March 6, 2011

March Madness - The Hairpocalypse Tournament

Oh yeah, it's that time of year again! The time that everyone here at Buffyfest waits for because if it's March, Spring's not only just around the corner but it's also time for March Madness! Our ideas were getting stale, 'best character', 'worst character'...we needed something fresh, something tough and maybe a even a little silly and it's that type of MADNESS that brought us to the decision of "The Hairpocalypse".

Let's face it, there has been a lot of straight-up of bad style in the Whedonverse (and we can blame some of that on the 90's), but there has been some cool too. In this tournament, Buffy's bad bangs will battle Echo's dominatrix 'do. The post apocalytpic styling of "Epitaphs 1 & 2" will face off against Oz's many fabulous hair colors. So it doesn't matter what you're going for here: Wackiest, Worst, Wildest, Scariest, Funniest, whatever - let's just call this tourney it "Most Memorable" Hair of the Whedonverse. The type of hair that's so nuts, it could start the apocalypse.

The tournament starts now! Round 1, Region 1 will have 4 matches and will end Tuesday night at 11:59 PM EST. After that Round 1b will immediately begin.

Vote below for the Whedonverse hair style that is so bad-ass (or just plain bad) that it would bring forth the apocalypse:

Round 1 - Region 1. Location "The Bronze"

Click below to see the enlarged bracket for the entire Hairpocalpse Tourney:


Michelle said...

I'm so glad we went with this! I was giggling to myself the entire time I was voting.

Tara said...

Haha! I suddenly want Darla's "Becoming" powdered wig to win for some reason (but secretly want Cordy's horrible blonde to take it for WTF reasons...that 'do could cause an apocalypse any day.)

Michelle said...

I have this extreme need to pull Buffy's tiny bangs down on her forehead - I might actually cause the Apocalypse!

Tara said...

My votes:

Epitaph hair vs. Oz - Oz's hair was always good so this vote goes against my "so bad it's good" strategy, but the Dollhouse post-apocalyptic hair is kind of forgettable. WIN=Oz

Buffy Bangs vs. Dominatrix Echo - Echo's dominatrix look is pretty embarrassing overall, but Buffy's bad bangs are a thing of legend. They basically had their own episode. WIN=Buffy's Bangs

Buffy Bob vs. Anya's Farrah hair - If it wasn't Halloween Anya would look even more WTF, but it's still pretty crazy. Buffy's bob was a rash decision, but ultimately fine. WIN=Anya channeling Farrah

William vs. Connor - ooh, tough call! Connor looks like a dirty wretch, which is guess is reasonable since he just popped out of a hell dimension...but just seeing Spike as an innocent with a bad pouf confuses everything. He looks like my grandma. WIN=William the bloody

Michelle said...

I voted exactly the same except I went for Buffy's short hair because I remember thinking how cute it looked, so I figured that equated with "Most Memorable".

Tara said...

I find your positive outlook refreshing.

Michelle said...

Really? Why thanks you, Miss Tara!

mbatz said...

LOL. Great category! I'm gonna have to sleep on this one and vote tomorrow:) Tough! Buffy Bangs will always be fried into my brain, for better or worse, and loved some of Oz's pre Twilight Edward do's. Willow to Oz "hey, your hair is brown" Oz "yeah, sometimes" And of course, who can forget Giles frumping his hair in the mirror during Band Candy - as if !! 'Man, I should get the band back together"

mbatz said...

Screw it, I voted:)
Went with the ones I "liked" more
The Dollhouse clan reminds me of The Hyena Pack from s1 Buff - so brown and dreary, but I loved Oz's gel stylings - Oz FTW
The Buffy Bangs of course - as I said "fried" FTW
Buff's "bob" was just too cute for school FTW
and God, hate both William the awful hair and Connor the..well, just SO hate Connor all around so it's Spike's giant hair FTW

Michelle said...

Oh! Buffy and Anya are in a 50-50 tie right now!

Anonymous said...

how was Tara's "Tabula Rasa" hair left out of the chart?! truly apocalyptic.

Tara said...

Damn it, thank you Anon THAT'S WHERE Tara had the bad 'do!! Remember, Michelle...I kept saying "Tara with a bad updo or spikes or something."

Sheesh. we really dropped the ball on that one. Ah well, we'll have to give in an honorable mention.

Tara said...

and haha, mbatz. "hate Connor all around so it's Spike's giant hair FTW" had me lol.