Thursday, March 7, 2013

Much Ado about 'Much Ado'!

The internetz is ablaze today with all things Much Ado About Nothing! First up, the official trailer hit (below). It's of course full of our favorite actors and was filmed in a jif at Whedon's house in Santa Monica last year. Check out Fred/Wes back in effect!

Next, hell hath frozen over as Joss Whedon himself joined twitter for the first time ever using the handle @MuchAdoFilm. So if you're not already follwing Joss, get going. I have a feeling it's going to be a temporary thing...unless he feels the power of the twitter verse and finally decides to kick off that fake @JossWhedon by getting an official one of his own! Anyway, to prove it was really him, he tweeted this pic from the Party Bus (more on that below):

Finally, Joss commented over on Whedonesque about the Tour Bus Party he's currently throwing en route to Austin to show the film at SXSW. Fun! If you have the time and resources, go hunt that Tour Bus down and report back to us, god knows the debauchery taking place. If Tom Lenk is present, you know shit is cray up in there. See Joss's comment below:

"Oh My God! Or, the acronym of Oh My God! It looks so good! Let's all go see all the parts that weren't in the trailer when they come out in the movie! And show our friends! And destroy our enemies! And burn their villages, except for their multiplexes, where we will watch the movie parts once more!

Okay. I'm okay. Got a little excited there. Sorry. Let's not burn stuff. It's just that it's a big day for me. The trailer is up. I tweeted a tweet (more on that). But most of all, tonight we ride. We ride to Austin.
We ride the Arty Bus.

Me and a bunch of cast members are taking the scenic route to the SXSW fest. 24 hours on the road, from L.A. to Austin. The bus sleeps twelve (as if we'll sleep). It can be easily distinguished by the words MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING on the outside. We will trundle into it full of hope, comradery and excitement, and emerge a day later glassy-eyed with guilt and terror, and missing one cast-member.

On the way we'll laugh, sing old songs, resort to cannibalism WAY too early, and abuse social media. Yes, I will be tweeting. It'll be @MuchAdoFilm, since I'm still too lazy/confused to get my own account, but it won't just be me trying to drum up business for the film (In theaters this June!) -- I promise at least a couple of appalling pix of Fran and Ashley resorting to cannibalism (#waytooearly).

The route should take us through Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Actual Mexico, Florida... Um, Pennsylvlorida, the Middle ages, the Mist, the Mason-Dixon line, The Donner Pass (Fran and Ashley SWEAR it's on the way, for some reason), The Place Where We Buried The Thing, and maybe your town too! If you see us, wave! Or honk! Or bleat! We 're excited to be joining SXSW the way the pioneers of old attended film festivals. And we're excited to show the movie to a new audience. Those of us that make it. Hope I'm one!

Wish us luck, enjoy the trailer, and get ready for 140 characters of PURE ADRENALINE. I'll see you in Hell. (I might not. There's a lot of people there. Maybe text me and let me know where you're damned, and I can try to get there.) Kiss Noise!

Joss "Shut up, it's art if it's in black and white" Whedon."

We'll leave you with a pic of the bus. Oh to be a fly on the wall of that thing! Click to Enlarge:

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Kaaren said...

It's...a cornucopia of Whedon alums. Love it! Florida, hmmmm. Do you know where the tour schedule is? (lazy at 6:47 a.m.)