Monday, March 25, 2013

The Elite Eigh! MARCH MADNESS 2013: "Most Shocking Moment" of the Whedonverse Tourney

OK, March is winding down and so are we. With only 8 "most shocking" moments to go, this March Madness is getting crazy and a little too sad! Whose idea was this again?

Here's a recap of the last round:

1. Angelus killed Jenny, Twangel killed Giles. Guy sure knows how to crack necks (and break doors)! Winner: Jenny Calendar's neck snaps right into the Elite Eight!

2. The only moment to give Wash's death a run for it's money so far is this one: Lorne shooting Lindsay MacDonald dead against his will in the series finale. Still, the gasp in the theater rings in our ears to this day. Winner: Wash's gets impaled by a Reaver spear!

3. Doyle's death vs Anya's death. Both were demons (though one was decidedly more evil), both fought bravely in battle (though one was definitely more fearless and heroic), both were background characters (yet one should've been offed years ago). Yeah not quite sure what happened here. Winner: Anya gets sliced in half!

4. More bodily harm here as we have Xander's eye vs. Wes getting his throat sliced in the madness of Angel Season 3. THE EYE PREVAILS! Winner: Xander's eye can't be stopped!

5. Dawn's crazy-random introduction to the series vs. Warren's flaying was a suuuuper tight fight! Winning the battle by a very slim margin (163 votes to 169 votes!) -  Winner: The Black Eyes of "Shut up" Willow!

6. Buffy was hardcore when she stabbed Faith with the intention of feeding Angel her slayer blood! But that was no match for Tara's demise. Winner: Tara's death by a landslide!

7. Arguably the first real crazy "Joss!" moment was when Angel and Buffy bumped uglies and caused Angel to become an evil, psychotic, mass murderer. That was a pretty harsh PSA if we ever saw one! Still, the portrayal of the events surrounding Buffy's mom's death stuck with us. Winner: Joyce's death

8. And finally, in another pretty tight fight, Wes's swan song vs Buffy's swan dive. Winner: Buffy saved the world a lot.


OK, time for the Elite Eight! Voting ends this Tuesday, March 26th at 11:59 pm EST.

Obviously there are **Major Spoilers** ahead in this tourney. If you're not familiar with all things Whedon, tread lightly or avoid.

If your curious to see what's lost so far and what's ahead, click the below bracket image to enlarge:


Unknown said...

Putting Warren's flaying up against Tara's death? Not fair! I still can't decide!

Unknown said...

Let's be honest, whoever makes it out of the Semi-Final between Tara or Joyce's death will be the winner. To put them up against each other before the final almost seems unfair. But I guess the same goes for Walsh... oh dear... too many choices... too many terrible terrible choices. Oh Joss.

dedraisgreat said...

Its gonna be Wash and Tara...and that is gonna be a full on way to call it

hamstap85 said...

Poll didn't load for me, but am happy to see Tara pull through and avenge Bennet's death from Willow flaying Warren :)

Tara said...

hamstap, do you mean the Final Four wouldn't load? I think it's fixed now.

And yes, Willow is finally gone but somehow Anya's death is still in it? I did NOT see that coming.

Kaaren said...

I thought Anya's death was really shocking. I was unspoiled when I watched it and did not see it coming at all. Why did you not think it would make it this far, Tara?

Tara said...

It was shocking yes, especially in the way that it happened. But I was always surprised that she even made it to season 7 and it *was* the series finale so someone had to go.

But mostly, it's because it was up against THE EYE. Oh god, the eye. That's probably the only scene of the entire Whedonverse that I physically have to turn away.

Clearly I'm in the minority though!