Friday, March 8, 2013

Round 1b of MARCH MADNESS 2013: "Most Shockingly Joss! Moment" of the Whedonverse Tourney

OK, we're making our way through Round 1 in this here March Madness! If you missed the first part, this year we're attempting to answer the question: What is the most dramatically shocking moment of the Whedonverse? You know those crazy moments that make you shake your fist in the air and scream "Joss!"

In the first part of Round 1, the results themselves were pretty shocking! Here's the rundown:

1. All of "Sleep Tight" is pretty intense, what with Wes getting jacked and Lilah staging a coup against Sahjan then Holtz stealing baby Connor and taking him to Quar'Toth! Whew! But even with all that, Darla's ressurection back in season 1 took the lead here. Winner: Darla's Ressurection

2. The race was super-tight between the iconic image of Angel snapping Jenny Calendar's Neck against that window and Fred's Death/Illyria's introduction....but I guess readers saw that Illyria thing coming! By a slim margin of just 5 votes out of nearly 600 Winner: Jenny's Neck Snappage

3. We're going with the theme here in the next one - Giles death in a similar fashion vs. Darla's Pregnancy Winner: Giles Neck Snappage!

4. Both proud sacrifices - Topher's vs Spike's. Winner: Spike Saves the World!

5. We grew to love Agent Coulson throughout the Marvel movies and his death was sad, but there are few things more shocking than poor Lorne's one last thing Winner: Lorne murders Lindsay McDonald.

6. In the S.4 premiere of Angel we learn Wes has Justine tied up in the closet, which I guess was crazier than Buffy's bi-curiosity since that was all over the media. Winner: Wes stashes Justine!

7. When it comes to Wash's death, not even Shepherd Book and an entire colony can shock more. This thing is going the distance, that's for sure. Winner: Wash's impalement!

8. Cordy giving birth to a power-that-be? Psshh, come on. Spike's soulfulness is a fan favorite. Winner: Spike gets a soul!

OK, time for the next part of this round! Voting ends this Sunday, March 10 at 11:59 pm EST.

Obviously there are **Major Spoilers** ahead in this tourney. If you're not familiar with all things Whedon, tread lightly or avoid.

Here is the Region 1b Battle, taking place on the Planet (whispers) "Miranda"....

If your curious to see what's lost so far and what's ahead, click the below bracket image to enlarge:

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