Friday, March 29, 2013

Vote for the Champion! MARCH MADNESS 2013 Tournament: "Most Shocking Moment" of the Whedonverse

And then there were two.

Well this is it! Earlier this month we started with 64 shocking moments of the Whedonverse and have whittled 62 of them away. Here's a recap of the last round:

1. Anya's death made it pretty damn far in this thing! The public believed she deserve some recognition for her place among the Scoobs and then being sliced right in half in the series finale. But then there was Wash. He slammed through every single battle from the start with ease. Winner: Washburn dies and a little piece of us goes with him.

2. Ugh, Tara's death vs Buffy's mom's. Seriously? So horrible. It was pretty close, but Willow's girl took it 228-174. Winner: Tara gets shot through the heart, and you're to blame!

So of all the crazy moments of the entire Whedonverse that make you yell "JOSS!", we're finally down to the final two. And wouldn't you know, they are a couple of doozies! Let's lay it out for you:

Wash was a leaf on the wind. We all watched as he soared...dipping and diving, skirting around both Alliance jerks and psycho Reavers hot on Serenity's tail. He managed to land them clean and everyone was safe until BAM! Wash was impaled right through the chest by a Reaver spear with a resounding gasp from the audience. Effing Reavers. They really don't make good friends. And Zoe's reaction was just devastating.

Then we have Tara. Good and pure. She was Willow's rock, the moral compass of the Scoobs and a fan-fave to say the least. JUST as she and Willow had gotten back together after a heart-wrenching break up, Warren starts shooting up the place, the dick, and Tara takes a stray one right in the chest. Since it was a natural death no magic could save her, sending Willow on a downward spiral to crazy town and the rest was history.

These above events were arguably the cruelest and definitely the most shocking as voted by you, the fandom. Have fun voting between these suckers! Sheesh, I need a tissue.


OK, this is it! The final vote! We're giving it the entire weekend - Voting ends this Sunday, March 31st at 11:59 pm EST.

Obviously there are **Major Spoilers** in this tourney. If you're not familiar with all things Whedon, tread lightly or avoid.

If your curious to see what's lost so far and what's ahead, click the below bracket image to enlarge:

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oldblackmagic said...

I just knew the whole time it was going to come down to these two. So, you would assume, by now I would've figured out my choice? AUGH!