Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Final Four! MARCH MADNESS 2013 Tournament: "Most Shocking Moment" of the Whedonverse

All month long we've been trying to answer a complicated question: Of all the twisty, stomach-turny, mouth-gapey, shocking moments of the entire Whedonverse, which was the most stupefying? One of the moments that make you scream into the air "JOSS!" or sometimes "WHY JOSS?! WHY?? OH GOD...(sobs)"


After 64 of these such moments duking it out one by one, we're finally down to the Final Four. And wouldn't you know it? They are all beloved character deaths. Just *great*. Let's do this!

Here's a recap of the last round:

1. The neck snap of Jenny Calendar made it pretty far! But good ole' Wash is flying his way right through this tournament. Winner: Wash's demise!

2. In what can only be described as an upset (for us anyway) Xander's eye gouging faced Anya's finale death and things went awry! But with 400 votes, the people have spoken. Winner: Anya's slice and dice!

3. Warren killed Tara then Willow flayed Warren. How does the madness end? Answer: With a Yellow crayon. Winner: Tara gets shot!

4. Finally, Buffy jumping off that tower into a magical cloud of doom was arguably one of the most unexpected moments on this show. Alternatively Joyce's brain tumor was around for half a season! Still, moms dying and stuff....ugh. Winner: Joyce's death


OK, time for the Final Four! Voting ends this Thursday, March 28th at 11:59 pm EST.

Obviously there are **Major Spoilers** in this tourney. If you're not familiar with all things Whedon, tread lightly or avoid.

If your curious to see what's lost so far and what's ahead, click the below bracket image to enlarge: