Friday, March 22, 2013

The Sweet Sixteen! MARCH MADNESS 2013: "Most Shocking Moment" of the Whedonverse Tourney

We're down to the Sweet Sixteen! Sixteen heart wrenching, "Damn you Joss Whedon" moments! If you're just jumping into this tourney now, you have missed a LOT. But there's still a ways to go so don't worry. Here's a recap of the last round of the "Most Shocking" Tournament:

1. The day Buffy got a random sibling was the first Buffy ep I ever watched in real time, so that was definitely a shocking (and confusing!) moment for me. When compared to an already "beige"Angel letting the lawyers die, the winner's pretty clear. Winner: Dawnie says to Angel "Get out, get out get OUT!!"

2. Willow went dark....real effing dark. Like black. With the hair and the eyes and could you be more literal? So anything she did after that shouldn't seem so shocking. But on the other hand, Bennet getting shot after all of that twisted trickery? Hmm...not sure about this one but the people have the final say. Winner: Willow takes Dollhouse out of the tournament!

3. Sure, Wes and Lilah did the nasty but come on....we cannot compare that to what happened to Tara. And after she just made the credits! Winner: Tara's Death

4. Was anyone really shocked that Angel came back from his hundred years in hell all naked and sweaty? Even in the early internet days, that spoiler had to be out. Winner: Buffy shanks Faith in the gut!

5. It's Angel vs Angel in this battle! First he loses his soul, then goes all psycho and Buffy has to run him through with a damn sword. I guess the first part threw people for a bigger loop! Winner: Angel's soul gets the gypsy vengeance!

6. Mr. Universe was awesome but vs. Buffy's mom? No contest. Winner: Joyce's aneurism makes us cry

7. We've been discussing this on twitter all week: when Buffy jumped off that tower the world was like "WHAT THE F@CK!?" It seemed waaay more real than the first time. In contrast, when Cordy killed Lilah it was more like "Whoa, dude Cordy is being cray". See the difference? Winner: Buffy Dies! (The 2nd time)

8. And finally, yes it was very, very annoying when the Scoobs kicked Buffy out of her own house, even though they were all living there, freeloading, eating all the cereal, while she has to pay all the bills and property tax (and with no help from the Watcher's Council!) But Wes died. He died and didn't come back. Winner: Wesley's death


OK, time for the sweet sixteen! Voting ends this Sunday, March 24th at 11:59 pm EST.

Obviously there are **Major Spoilers** ahead in this tourney. If you're not familiar with all things Whedon, tread lightly or avoid.

If your curious to see what's lost so far and what's ahead, click the below bracket image to enlarge:


hamstap85 said...

I will still never forgive Willow flaying Warren for beating Bennet's death. That topped it for me. Of everything.

Tara said...

You know what? I do agree that's a load of bullocks. And now the Warren flay is about to lose to Dawn's introduction?? So weird.