Friday, August 14, 2009

I've Still Got a Theory...on Twilight and Buffy Having a Bun in the Oven

Angel as Twilight
Back in November 2008, I wrote a post called "I've Got a Theory...on Twilight" musing on the idea that Twilight is actually Angel. That was a long time ago and as we fast forward to the latest issue of Buffy Season 8, I still have that same theory. All of the reasons I listed in that post still apply today, including this awesome photo comparison:

In this latest issue, we get another clue as to Twilight's identity, the "Spike?" comments by both Twilight and Riley.

The only glitch here, and admittedly it's a big one, is that Angel is over at IDW and I'm not sure about the legal and canonical issues that would come into play.

A lot of people on the internets have been talking about this theory too and most fans of Angel are scared about the idea that he (not Angelus) would be the villain this season. 'Can he be redeemed?' is the real question at hand. As someone who puts Angel in their top three favorite characters, I say yes. The interesting thing about Twilight is that he's not out to end the world, in fact, he's out to save it. He might be going about it in a "black hat" way, but he still believes in a better future. And if there's any M.O. that fits the character of Angel it's that he's not beyond getting his hands dirty in order to save the world. He's a big-picture-guy to the end. Slayers have died, yes, but they're warriors in a battle. Twilight has yet to kill one innocent, non-magical person. Remember, Buffy was willing to sacrifice 6 billion people to save her sister. Things aren't black and white in the Buffyverse, just like in the real world. Angel will have blood on his hands for sure, but he'll be able to make amends (with snow!).

With that said, all these links to Angel could be a misdirect, but I for one am ready for the Twilight reveal even if I'm dead wrong with my humble predictions. Since when does Buffy have a mystery Big Bad? Let's get on with this already.

Buffy's Bun in the Oven
Crazy as it might sound, I'm starting to think Buffy might be pregos by the end of this comic, if not arc. There's a pretty infamous panel in Issue # 10, "Anywhere but Here" with the vision of Buffy on the floor, beaten and crying. There's a red egg above, cracked and empty. Then comes the line, "Betrayal. The closest, the most unexpected." I gotta say that a future version of Buffy's child coming back to settle some score is a bit (a lot) soap opera-ish to me, so I hope the child isn't Twilight. An egg does symbolize fertility and birth, and the red egg specifically in Chinese culture is given at the birth of a child. We also have the use of the word "Queen" in reference to Buffy and "Saving the Prince", as well.

It's probably a silly theory that proves me all sorts of wrong, but I'm okay with that because I don't much like the idea anyway.


Kaaren said...

Wow, interesting in the egg thing. I'll need to go back and re-read them.

I'd never even *thought* about Angel being Twilight. Very interesting. Again, I need to see his scenes again.

Classic Maiden said...

Great theory and great find in connection to the egg.

It's been discussed a lot whether it may be Angel, around the net.
I doubt it's him, because, as you said, the character is owned by IDW!

I'm looking forward to more clues in future issues :)

Anonymous said...

Scott Allie has said (multiple times, I think) they have free reign to use Angel, Spike, or any other Angel-related character.

So the "Angel's owned by IDW" argument can't be used against the Angel is Twilight theory.

Crystal said...

I like the egg theory but I guess looking at it, the betrayal has to be willow for that scene.

Classic Maiden said...

The fact that they have free reign to use Spike and Angel is indeed great news :)

Anonymous said...

Perhaps, but Angel is busy these days with his own story. Do you think Joss would really want to ruin that- even if it is written by someone else?

Anonymous said...

I think Twilight might be Buffy's father. Weird but...yeah.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Angel being Twilight would have to ruin his own story, especially given when s8 and ATF take place in relation to each other.

And haven't I read that Connor is practically going to be the main character of Angel's series when Bill Willingham takes over here soon? Could this be a clue?

polar_salsa said...

If you check the "episode" schedule for the angel comics on wikipedia, there is a large gap between novemeber and january and then references to angel taking "twisted roads" and his unknown whereabouts...

Might lend to the Angel being Twilight theory.