Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Dollhouse is Real

So!  Here I am, having my morning walk, minding my own business when HOLY CRAP what do I see as an advert on a bus stop?

Agent Ballard, are you seeing this?  Even the font is nearly identical!  "I want to change the world but first I need a new pair of jeans"?  How transparent is that?  No.  No, I would not like new "jeans" nor would I like a "treatment" you personality stealing bastards!

What's that?  It is?  Really?  Oh.  It, uh... it seems that dollhouse is actually a New York based juniors brand.

Or is it?

duhn, duh, DUHN!


Nat said...

The fashion label is all a big cover up!

Barbara said...

That is so wild.