Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March Madness - The Hairpocalypse Sweet Sixteen Round 1

Another round ends, and another begins.  Ah, the cycle of life.  It's also the time for the Sweet Sixteen.  Is that Molly Ringwald?  No.  No, it isn't.  I don't even know what I'm saying now.  Why would Molly Ringwald be in my apartment?

Results from last round!

- Cordy's shag made Dark Willow shag ass (someone link to some slash of that pairing, please)

- River left Buffy's braids "all wet" (get it?)

- Willow the White made Buffy's wig gone (get it? part two)

- Buffy's Bouffant let Captain Hammer know what pain feels like (making this get it? the trilogy)

Moving on!  Some tough decisions to make.  Here we go:

Click below to see the entire Hairpocalypse Tourney enlarged:


mbatz said...

The Buffy bangs! Sorry Edward, er, I mean Oz.
Anya over William the awful.
Spike's whatever the hell that was over Shepherd's hairy kite do.
And sweet ass gothy Illyria over Bob Marley's daughter. Sigh, tough one:(

Michelle said...

Can someone explain to me how Oz is winning over Buffy's teeny tiny bangs? I'm so confused.

Echo said...

Wtf? Oz changing hair colors ever other episode was nothing compared to Buffy's bangs! I mean, LOOK AT THOSE THINGS!

Obscurus Lupa said...

Et tu, Buffy's bangs?