Thursday, February 19, 2009

Buffy DS Game Sacrifice - Update

It seems to me that the Buffy DS game "Sacrifice" has been delayed again or is having shipping problems or something. The pre-order or release date was to be Last Friday the 13th (otherwise known as "Dollhouse Day"...sheesh that lost it's luster quickly, didn't it?)

As we know, the game is set after the climax of the seventh season and Buffy and friends need to shut off the reopened Hellmouth. Featuring both first and third-person gameplay sequences, the game includes tons of characters, including the Scoobs, Angel, The Master, and First Evil. Canon issues aplenty but I'm sure there is fun to be had.

Aaaanywho, the point is this. The game doesn't seem to be out. Also, why is the US and the rest of the world not getting the love? DS games are region-free so all this this UK only business does is create a shipping hassle. Silly.

According to this site, the new release date is March 6th.

If you're in the UK, free delivery! So pre-order away over there. The rest of us just wait. and wait. and wait...

*Further update. Per Simon of Whedonesque, it's been released in Italy. Is Italy in the house? Has anyone played?

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