Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What's the sitch? - Buffy News

- The new issue of Buffy Season Eight, Swell, comes out today! It's even written by Steven DeKnight a man who, while writing for Smallville, wrote the following line of dialogue for James Marsters: "Clark, there's no such thing as vampires". Oh, DeKnight, make sweet, sweet meta love to me. Anywhoo, you should go grab yourself a copy from the local comic book shoppe. You could order it online but then you might have to, oh I dunno, wait nearly a month to get your copy. What's that? Why, yes, I am speaking from extremely bitter and recent personal experience! How could you tell?

- While we're talking about comics, did you know that Buffy and Serenity were big ol' winners? It's true! The 2008 Diamond Gem Awards declared the twelfth issue of Buffy season eight to be the licensed comic book of the year and the TPB of Serenity: Better days took, you guessed, it TPB of the year. My question: where's the Angel: ATF love, huh? It's clearly the number one super coolest of the licensed comics and yet it's hanging out in the corner with the other unsungs. There, there, Angel Comic, Farscape will keep you company (by the way, buy the Farscape comic if, you know, you like Farscape and other things that are awesome).

- Do you love Buffy? Do you love her and her show so much that your gigantic, throbbing, veiny heart just aches? Is that a honking piece of wood in there? Oh... ouch. You, uh, you better get that checked out. No, wait, you're dust. Nevermind then. But all the rest of you non-slayed types should head on over to ThinkGeek and get their new Buffy t-shirt, veiny heart included. You love Buffy, you love shirts, make those two great tastes, taste great together!

- I'm a firm believer that, in between saving the world, Buffy tries her best to catch up on her must see TV. She wouldn't be watching True Blood or Moonlight or reading Twilight though. Nope. She gets enough of that business in her day to day. You know what she would watch though? Gossip Girl. And why not? Her sister's on that show sometimes when she's not busy being a giant or a centaur. Speaking of which, Michelle Trachtenberg confirmed that she'll be returning to the Goss sometime in the near future. Quoth the Key: "I'm evil". We know, sweetie. We know.

- And, finally, Summer Glau and producer, Josh Friedman, got down conference call style with the crew at io9 for some spoilerific talk about the remainder of season two of Sarah Con Chron and what they'd like to see if they get picked up for year three. Dollhouse gets a big shout out since the two of them are going to be bosom buddies come Friday nights in the near future. You're a kind of good, kind of evil robot from the future, Summer, tell us: how did that work out for ya? You guys still on the air? What do you mean it turns out Joss Whedon is the one responsible for SkyNet? This is just like what happened with Alien: Resurrection! Damn you, director and producers who don't share Joss's creative vision which I assume does not involve the mass genocide of the human race!!!

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