Thursday, February 12, 2009

Exclusive Interview with Buffy comic book artist Georges Jeanty

Whilst dashing about on Saturday, we had the fantastic opportunity to catch up with none other than Georges Jeanty, the man responsible for the art of Buffy Season 8. We did the whole thing right on the convention room floor and the feeling was electric and fun. We opened up the Q&A to our affiliates at Slay Alive, who conjured up a few additional questions to give you insight into the artist's mind. What makes the man tick? Watch the video to find out!

And visit here for all Georges Jeanty all the time at his site:


Unknown said...

Nice job! So... do we take that as official confirmation that Dawn's next transformation is as literal as the title implies? :)

Michelle said...

I guess it is literal. I, for one, will be happy once the transformations are over. I'm still waiting for Season 8 to make me enjoy the character of Dawn like Angel: ATF made me like Connor.

Anonymous said...

Great interview! Thanks for doing this - it's a wonderful contribution to the fandom.

Wow, Jeanty seems like such a nice, fun guy. I got all excited when I heard he was a Veronica Mars fan. And I was grinning when he joked about pretty girls now coming up to ask him to sign their comics and how that never happened before - haha, 'thank you Joss!'

Unknown said...

Nice interview guys! Met him and got a fantastic sketch at the con. He was really nice even though I forgot my sketchbook and he had to take care of it over night. :)