Friday, February 20, 2009

Hooray! It's Dollhouse Day! Uh...hello? Is this thing on?

The Dollhouse Death Watch:


Captain Elias said...

How about instead of just a Dollhouse Death Watch for the show, you also have a Dollhouse Death Watch for which main character will inevitably bite it first. We all know Joss' got a cruel streak.

My money's on topher.

(Or is that just wishful thinking?)

Michelle said...

Unfortunately Captain Elias, Joss also tends to keep annoying characters around for a long time (See: Andrew)

Tara said...

Oh that's a great idea. I'm sure there will be characters added later, but for now I've put up a poll for the current ones on the top right of the blog. Fun Stuff Captain Elias! Thanks for the suggestion.

Captain Elias said...

Happy to help!! I feel famous now :-)

And as for Andrew...I have to admit I had a softspot for him. (The "Big Board" in season 7 kinda made me laugh pretty hard.)

The few characters who annoyed me were that femme werewolf from season 4 (Veruka or something?--watching her perform at the bronze was painful.) And Warren bugged me way more than Andrew...probably cause he was a magical-date-rapist.

New poll idea (I cant stop now): Which Untimely Death Are You Still Grieving Over? (Winnifred. Burkle. Don't think i'll ever accept it.)

Michelle said...

Oh yes, Veruca, she was very annoying. The reason I don't put Warren in the "most annoying character" category is because we're supposed to find him vile. With that said, I find the "trio as big bad" idea in Season 6 highly annoying in itself.

Which Untimely Death Are You Still Grieving Over?

I'm not sure I'm grieving over any deaths still, but I'd say the loss of Doyle was a let down. That character had a lot of potential.

elainecleo said...

Captain Elias I will join you in the wishful thinking that topher is gone SOON. For me he is a big drag on the show.

Tara said...

I'm still not over Cordy's death. Not that I don't think she could've died, but the way it all went down was a travesty for me and I believe the show suffered for it. At least until Illyria came.

So even though Fred's death was horrendous, it kind of brought me back to the show in the sense of Illyria.

Re: The Dollhouse Character Death Poll - since you're having fun with that Captain Elias, I think you're really going to love our big March Madness Super Character Tournament we're setting up now. It's going to be a month long battle to find the favorite character of the entire Whedonverse sans Dollhouse! My money's on Spike although I prolly won't be voting for him. He's up against Lorne in round one and I just can't have that.

Captain Elias said...

Very good point, Cordelia as a character was destroyed throughout that entire fourth season. Was kinda hard to watch, especially sandwiched between two such cool season finale arcs. But good call--it seems he was a little more brutal with his guys in Angel. (Doyle, Cordy, Fred, etc.)

That March Madness thing sounds fantastic!! It's hard to vote against Buffy, but im curious to see how it works out (and what kind of internal conflicts you produce in me, you lords of Buffdom who squeeze lemon juice on my once-healed obsession wounds.)

PS Dollhouse def kicked it up a notch last night. Im more hopeful. What are your views on Eliza as an actress in general? Esp in comparison to some of Whedon's other leads (SMG, Nathan, David B, etc.)

Michelle said...

I think SMG is a great actress with a lot of range. She was able to pull off sad, funny, worried and fierce all in a single episode.

Tara said...

Hmm...I'm not sure Eliza holds a candle to SMG or NF. Boreanaz took some time to refine his skills, but with the exception of some embarrassing Italian-mafioso type comedy acting...I think he was fantastic on his own show.

Eliza may need some time to get into the role, but then again, it's not a role to "get into". It's someone different every week. I don't even think SMG would've convinced me of that. Maybe.