Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dollhouse Death Watch!

So we have a little bet going on over here at Buffyfest. As much as we love Whedon with all our hearts, some of us are skeptical, sarcastic, or just plain scared when it comes to the fate of Dollhouse. With less than 2 weeks until the premiere, we've wagered a little something on a "Dollhouse Death Watch" and you can follow us through the end of the season to see who wins. The science behind the stats will be reading of magazine and internet speculation, which is of course the most full-proof method possible. Feel free to tack yourself on one of our standings and we'll add your names to the chart, you know...for the fun.

We have...
Bitsy (the S&M hard-core skeptic) = Will not make it to the 7th episode
Tara (the bitter realist) = Will show all 13 episodes ordered, but will then get cancelled and not make it to season 2.
Michelle (the starry eyed optimist) = Will get renewed for a second season.

Current Standings:

**Update: will be adding hjkuzcotopia, whoisfriend, wyndam, hitnrun017, Trey, Iceeh and faithlehane under Michelle's prediction, Ryan under Bitsy's and Joe and Danner under mine on the chart at the next post.

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