Friday, February 6, 2009

IDW Follow up

Wow, you look away for 2 seconds, more news for the IDW panel, currently underway here at NY Comic Con.

The character of Illyria will be crossing over to another title called "Fallen Angel: Reborn". Apparently, this is the first time anything has been done this way and they had to get special permission from Joss Whedon to make this happen. The story will take place during season 5 after Illyria had lost her powers. She goes on a journey to get those powers back.

**Update - Video of this panel below and clarification from earlier - it seems as though Gunn will be getting his own one-shot written by Brian Lynch.

Sorry, apparently I'm not as good a camera handler as Michelle was at the DH panel. Good thing we'll have great people with us the next 2 days who know how to handle their professional equipment properly!

These guys seem like they have a really great time working together. They are putting out so many Whedonverse stories next year, it's like spin-off city over there! Angel, Spike, Dru, Illyria and even Gunn! I only wish Kelley Armstrong was there with the boys as well to bask in her new fandom.

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