Friday, February 6, 2009

Q&A with Georges Jeanty

One of our interviews tomorrow at NYCC is with Buffy Season 8 Comic Artist & Illustrator Georges Jeanty. If you'd like to submit any questions for him, put it in the comments section of this post and we'll pass some along.


Unknown said...

Sorry to report that we don't have many takers over at SlayAlive for questions.
Thought I'd post a few more, just in case you guys need a few more.

1. Regarding your sketchbooks, great work! Should we expect one per arc that you work on? If so, when can we expect the one for WatG?

2. Love the work that goes into detailing a character's personality. How involved are you in these little details, like Satsu's funky accessories, the Easter Island bust on her dresser, Renee's feather earring, etc. Where do these inspired touches come from?

3. We heard from Scott Allie that you were the one who came up with the character design for Satsu, and that you had given Jo Chen two references for her cover for "Swell". Can you tell us who these references are?

4. Throwaway question: Which character have you had the most trouble drawing?

You guys are doing great in bringing in a wealth of Buffyverse info. Thanks, and I look forward to reading your interview with Jeanty!

Tara said...

oh sorry Wenxian! We took the first batch of questions over from Slayalive, but we interviewed Georges this afternoon and didn't get these until after. One thing I will say is that he answered all of the questions and was a great, fun at least a few of you got in there.

Will be posting that video hopefully tomorrow along with our Scott Allie interview and the Dollhouse Panel (which is going to be crazy!)

Unknown said...

That's cool... I wasn't sure when the interview was, and thought I'd throw in a few more, just in case.
I'm glad the interview went great, and I'm antsy to see that video! :)