Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dollhouse Fail - Episode 2 "The Target"

Actually, not really. I just wanted to mention that cheesy ass, 1999-style bullet effect once again because it bothers me so. Hey Joss! The Matrix called and they want their SFX back so they can give them a funeral already! Sheesh! What in the world were they thinking? And the fact that they were showing it in every ad for weeks was kind of a spoiler for the whole episode, no? Made the whole "running through the forest" thing a bit long and tedious. "Get to the goddam Matrix bullet already!" I was thinking through the entire show.

Ahem, moving on. This episode was obviously "The Pilot 2.0" and a clear upgrade. I cannot think of one thing in that pilot that wasn't covered in this episode. New viewers: when you get the eps on Itunes, Hulu, some pirated way, or on your DVRs a little word of advice - skip the first episode. Trust me, you'll thank me later.

"The Target" had a few holes in it as well, but as a pilot the holes and questions work a bit better and set us up for the future in a much nicer way. I'm not going to get spoilery here and go into specifics, but I feel much better about why Echo addresses her Handler, Boyd, in the way she does now. I understand that the actives really are pretty blank and even less than child-like. I at least have some hope now. Let's see what the ratings do.


Anonymous said...

Wow - that's just absurd. Both episodes were great. What bugged me were the cheesy plugs for Doll & SC. Dushku (sp?) does not disappoint in this. Joss has been badly tied down by the networks (again). Let's hope he's allowed to spread his creative wings & really get as raw as he can before he calls it all quits with the TV BS.

Tara said...

Oh wow we really disagree. And actually, since I wrote that my feelings for ep 2 have downgraded even more. That happened 2 weeks in a row. There was a "It's Joss! I love it!" kind of hope that then dwindled to a sort of "meh" after thinking the eps through and/or rewatching. Of course, this is just my opinion and not the whole of Buffyfest.

But question, Anon, do you agree that everything from "Ghost" that's important to the overall lore so far was also completely covered in "The Target"?