Sunday, February 8, 2009

Exclusive Interview with Dark Horse Editor Scott Allie

We interviewed Dark Horse (Buffy Season 8) editor Scott Allie on the Comic Con floor yesterday. He's such a nice guy and he gave us a lot of insight into the industry of the Buffy comics. Oh and he has great hair.

Sorry about the poor audio quality, the convention was packed at this point and Michelle's questions are a little low. The first 2 questions were about bringing new readers to comics through Buffy and if he seeing more women in the comic world both as readers and professionals.

From the desk of Scott Allie:
Apologies to Jo Duffy, Ann Nocenti, Marie Severin, Tatjana Wood, and the other women whose comics I grew up on! In trying to make my point on the fly, I grabbed the first name to come to mind—not to mention that Louise Simonson was at NYCC. But of course she was by no means the only woman in comics 20 years ago. —Scott Allie


Unknown said...

Great interview guys... getting the Q&As over at SlayAlive is one thing, but to hear the guy speak... that's pretty sweet. He doesn't come across as arrogant at all (which he's been accused of before), and he genuinely believes in the story that S8 is trying to tell. Also, I love that he's so animated when he talks.

Tara said...

Oh no, I didn't get arrogant from Scott, I actually thought he was pretty nice and such a professional. It was scrappy of him to do the interview guerilla style right near the Dark Horse booth too. He was cool.