Friday, February 6, 2009

Dark Horse, Dark Horse, Dark Horse, They're Dark!

Ok, here's the scoop from the NYCC Dark Horse panel:

There will be no Buffy comic in June, The Tales of the Vampire one shot will be replacing it instead. The covers done by Jo Chen and will be about a boy in high school.

We asked Scott Allie the following in respose to that:

Buffyfest: "We already know that the "tales of the vampire" you story just announced won't feature characters from Buffy (CBR announced that earlier), but since it will be in the present timeline of the buffyverse, will our usual characters play a part somehow? Does Joss Whedon approve a side project like this story-wise?"

Scott Allie: "Yes, because we wanted to make this part of season 8 and because Tales of the Vampire was something he came up with first, he's not co-writing it to the extent that he does with season 8 but everything is going through him, the craetive team got approved by him, and he gives feedback. It will have his finger prints on it more than the old [pre-season 8] comics did [and has final approval]."

We then asked about the idenity of season 8's Twilight and when we'll be finding out who he is. Scott's funny dramatic pause was punctuated by a vague "Eventually."

Oh, and Twilight's identity? We later found out he's George Washington. You heard it hear first, folks.

In response to a Serenity comic question someone asked - Scott explained that "Joss is so busy with the stupid Dollhouse thing" (in jest, of course) "it's kind of taking up a lot of his time". Allie went on to say, "Buffy is so demanding for Joss. He edits every script, every page of atwork goes through him, every cover concept...cover concepts often come from him. He has a Shepard Book outline in his head but he has to wait until there is time to work with Joss properly. He just agreed to write something that he probably should've said no to, but that's the kind of stuff that pushes Serenity back."

They also revealed a few other details: Expect another Myspace presents Dark Horse Buffy mini comic that we're going to love (but nothing they're ready to discuss). They (meaning Joss and Scott) have talked more potential Sugar Shock, potential Cabin in the woods, potential Dollhouse, potential Serenity, and potential Fray. It's all very potential because but they want to be able to do it right.

That's pretty much it. These guys are cool, seasoned professionals and it was great being at the panel.

Check out all the Buffy related video from this panel below:


TobiasJeth said...

Hey guys, I was the rather large gentleman sitting in the front row across from you guys. Thanks for posting so fast, I had a phone call I had to take and wasn't able stay to see if there was any more Buffy talk.

Probably see you at some point in the weekend, have a great time!

p.s. thanks for the pin!

Anonymous said...

Wow, awesome coverage! Lots of info to go through, thanks so much.