Friday, September 25, 2009

Death to the Dollhouse Death Watch

Last season of Dollhouse, some of us here at Buffyfest were convinced that the series was headed for certain death at the hands of FOX and one of us was a bit more positive about the whole situation. An argument was had, a wager was set, and a little game called The Dollhouse Death Watch was born. For those keeping score: Michelle was the optimist, thinking that it would make it through the season and more (which, of course as we now know, it had!) Bitsy, always the Hardcore Skeptic, believe it would be vamp dust blowing in the wind faster than you could say "Firefly" (holy mixed metaphor thingee.) And I, Tara the Realist, thought it would have it's active day in the sun, then be wiped from our memories at the end of the season.

The crazy twist here was that by episode 10-ish Skeptic Bits ended up loving the thing and Michelle...well the optimist in Michelle had died and she ended up hating Dollhouse with a passion. So much so that she refuses to watch it AT ALL this season, Whedon blogger chick and all. Shame. She has her reasons and I'm sure she'll explain them all if prodded, but most of the reasons start with an EL and end with an IZA.

So...we've decided to shelve the Dollhouse Death Watch. It won battle against FOX, even if it does end up with a Tru Calling-esque fate. But Bitsy and I have made a new side bet to see how long it will take Michelle to break, if at all. Now we can't really discuss the terms or who chose what result, as we don't want to influence her either way. So whaddya think?


Michelle said...

Um...I wish someone would have told ME about this bet. For what it's worth, I think Tara said I'd cave and Bitsy said I'll stick to my guns. Anyone who voted that I'd secretly watch it tonight, not a chance. Sorry.

Dooltun the Great-Champion of Women, Lover of Humanity, Seeker of Truth, Lover of Quality Porn, and International Man of Mystery said...

I voted that the lovely Michelle got implants. If so, please send pics....

Tara said...

That's lovely, Dalton.

As for the "other" answers, here's what people put:

***She'll hear just how awesome Vows is and watch it as soon as she gets chance

***Michelle how about this let move Dollhouse on cbs with Ghost Whisperer

But I agree with this reader's thinking..they've clearly been following the Sarah Connor Chron void in Michelle's heart:

***As soon as Summer Glau appears (then she'll have to watch the other eps on Hulu)