Saturday, September 26, 2009

What's the Sitch? Real Doll Edition

Watch Echo come alive on your desktop with the finally released "Virtual Echo" application. Basically, I downloaded it and the next thing I know, Echo came out of nowhere and shot a hole in my monitor. Um, why is she wearing Spike's coat though?

It turns out that the Dollhouse is real, kind of. Unfortunately, we don't know how long the TV world Dollhouse is going to stick around. Check out these ratings.

Eliza's on the cover of this magazine. The tag line reads: "Ultimate Buyer's Guide for Men." Do Dollhouse clients get a complimentary copy of this magazine with every purchase?

Check out these awesome Dr. Horrible cakes. Yummier than fro yo, I'm sure! Thanks to Captain Elias for that awesome find.

Whedon confirms what we already knew. More importantly, what about a Buffy movie? David Boreanaz doesn't think it'll happen. Or, at least that's what we think he's saying here.


Tara said...

What is Boreano even saying??

Roxie said...

Not surprised about the ratings. I saw literally 1 promo done for the season 2 opener, just days before it was due to air.

Fox just did NOT promote it at all.