Sunday, September 20, 2009

fanvid sunday: back to the start edition

Michelle tracked down this video yesterday. I like it because it's all about how complicated things can get between two people, how sometimes things can't work out and how sometimes we wish we could go back to the beginning when everything was still new and beautiful. It's sad and pretty and I like those two things in a fanvid sunday. How about you?

I'm off to the japanese market for a fair which means it's tasty food time. What are you up to today? Happy Sunday, everyone!


Life Sucks and You Do Too said...

I think it sucks, Bitsy. Impracticable wishful thinking sucks (you know I'm right). Life sucks. People suck. Politics and religion suck. My lot in life sucks. You think you're free? Think again (that is, if you care enough to ask the tough questions).
What am I up to today? Like you care. Nobody cares about anything unless there is a self-interest to be fulfilled. But thanks for asking, however intellectually and emotionally dishonest the question might be.

Steph said...

Fanvid Sundays make me smile. This one was really well done and I love it. Good choice!

Tara said...

Like the reverse continuity of this one...well done!

Michael (mbatz) said...

Wow life sucks....Is your name Dawn? LOL. I liked Spike:) It's football day for me!

Anna said...

Um, wow. Apparently someone needed a good rant.
Nice vid! Although the measly mortal status of Dave Boreanaz is apparent as you watch seven years of youth slowly come trickling back.
Football and pizza. :) Nom nom.