Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Finishing off Round 2 of September Silliness - The Buffy Episode Tourney


We're well on our way now to finding out which Buffy episode is the fan favorite. We've already knocked out 96 episodes and after this next round we'll have the top 32 eps, as voted by you. The last round had some toughies, let's recap:

"Restless" beat out "I Only Have Eyes For You" 161 to 135
"Selfless" beat "Normal Again" in a heated, fandom divided debate! 155 to 133
"Hell's Bells" beat "I Was Made To Love You" 196 to 77
"Consequences" took "Phases" out of the running 175 to 96
"The Wish" killed "Bargaining pt 1" 228 to 43
"Becoming Part 2" really killed "As You Were" 263 to 20
"The Gift" beat "Ted" but ole' Ted still managed 25 votes! Aww, RIP John Ritter (and Patrick Swayze sang to the tune of "And Farrah".)
"Who Are You?" beat "Storyteller" 201 to 78
"Amends" barely beat "The Zeppo" 123 to 133 in yet another fandom divided argument! Crazy.
"Hush" sicked the Lunch Lady on "Earshot" 225 to 58
"Crush" crushed "Blood Ties" (couldn't help it that time) 169 to 94
"This Year's Girl" beat "A New Man" 151 to 140 bringing both eps in that two-parter to the top 32!
"Innocence" beat "Bad Girls" 211 to 77
"The Prom" managed to slightly edge out the series finale "Chosen" 154 to 148
"Halloween" beat "Buffy vs. Dracula" 208 to 63
and finally
"Graduation Day pt 2" beat "The Yoko Factor" 242 to 43

So Round 2b below will have 16 matches. Voting for this part ends Wednesday at 11:59 pm EST, at which point Round 3 will begin.

Again, if you need a refresher, click here for the full list of episodes and their descriptions.

Region 3: Scotland
Location: Base at the Citadel


Anonymous said...

It's Primeval! With an "a"! Grr!

D said...

How-d'ye-do, folks...

This round was pure hell.

B,B,and B over Becoming Part 1 (Part 2 was better). Xander gets plenty of action in this one, and I know how much some of the babes on this blog love Xander. I bow before thee, Xander-man (even though your acting gets progressively worse as the series continues).

School Hard rocks the casbah, baby.

Helpless is creepy as hell. Got my vote.

The Xan-man and his real life twin brother were cool as hell in The Replacement, but I HAD TO vote for Prophecy Girl.

Pangs over WatH. Helluva toughie.

OMWF over End of Days. Duh.

Fool for Love all da vay.

Went with Grave. This was tough. Very tough. Willow's badassness and subsequent capitulation to her lifelong bud extraordinaire was so cool. Xander-Willow love gives me the goosebumps (despite Nick's horrible acting).

Dopplegangland. Love it.

Homecoming over Enemies. Another toughie from hell.

New Moon Rising. Easy choice.

I chose Afterlife. Buffy gave it up to Angel. Not impressed.

Primeval vs F,H,andT was another choice from hell. Ugh. Went with the latter.

Band Candy, but this was tough. Giles and Joyce, sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G...

Tabula Rasa. One of my favs.

Welcome to the Hellmouth. Relatively easy one.

My head hurts over this round...

The Groosalugg said...

This one was less difficult than the previous round:

Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered vs. Becoming Part 1, was an easy choice.

School Hard vs. Doomed wasn't.

Helpless vs. Gingerbread. Never cared for Helpless.

The Replacement vs. Prophecy Girl, two strong episodes, but I had to go with Prophecy Girl

Wild at Heart vs. Pangs quite an easy choice (though I like both).

End of Days vs. Once More, With Feeling another easy one.

Fool For love vs. What's My Line Part 2, third easy one in a row.

Grave vs. The Body. Didn't have to think about this one.

Doplegangland vs. Lessons. I never liked Doplegangland as much as The Wish, but it's better than Lessons.

Homecoming vs. Enemies. Both are good, Enemies is just a little better.

New Moon Rising vs. Revelations.

Afterlife vs. Surprise. A close one. Could have gone either way but I settled on Afterlife.

Primeval vs. Faith, Hope, and Trick. Both are very strong episodes, but I had to go with Faith's introduction.

Bargaining Part 2 vs. Band Candy. It's still difficult for me to see Bargaining as two separate episodes, but I love the ep as a whole.

Tabula Rasa vs. The "I" in Team. I'm no fan of Tabula Rasa, but it's better than the Initiative.

Beauty and the Beasts v. Welcome to the Hellmouth. Quite an easy one to finish it off.

I'm looking forward to the next round already!

Michelle said...

As everyone above said, this was a tough one. I went with the "don't think to much" approach so I wouldn't go crazy with the picks.

"Becoming Part I" because it's the first half of awesomeness.

"School Hard" because Spike and Dru are made of awesomeness in this episode.

"Helpless" because Buffy kicks ass even without slayer powers.

"Prophecy Girl" because of SMG's acting in that one scene.

"Pangs" because it's funny all around.

The Musical for obvious reasons (especially against "End of Days")

This was the hardest choice for me because I love the flashbacks in "Fool for Love" but I love the story in "What's My Line Part 2" (RIP Kendra). I gave my vote to the latter because it needed help.

"The Body" just because.

"Dopplegangland" has two Willow's.

Another tough one, but I stayed true to "Homecoming" because I know "Enemies" will win. I'm okay with that.

Went with "Revelations" because I didn't like how Oz tried to eat Tara.

"Surprise" because Season 2 is awesomeness and that's were it really begins.

Went with "Faith, Hope and Trick" because I like the storyline better.

"Band Candy" has hot Giles in it.

"Tabula Rasa" is funny which was a nice respite from the misery in Season 6.

"Welcome to the Hellmouth" was a great season opener.

Scar said...

I can't believe Gingerbread has so few votes! I love that episode!
The musical had better not get wiped out by end of days, it's totally my favourite episode I have the soundtrack and all hehe.

Michael (mbatz) said...

Well, pretty easy. My only underdog pics were Primeval - just don't get why everyone is so hateful for the Initiative/Adam/Riley arc...Hell, it's better than that Master shit from season 1. Granted, I wasn't so in love with season 4 originally - it was such a "shift" from the previous seasons' arcs, but I actually kinda like it now - after seeing these seasons like 10 or 20 times (probably like many of you). I put it as my 1st or 2nd fav season...along with 3(as I watch them now). Also took Homecoming over Enemies and WML pt2 over Fool for Love. Unlike all the Spike fangirls (ha) I'm just not that excited by his backstory..."effulgent"..LOL. Super psyched that my fav ep Pangs is still hanging tough (so far).

Anonymous said...

This round seemed easier somehow. I notice that when I'm stuck wth a harder choice, I almost always pick the earlier ep. I wonder if that means something? ;)

I also noticed that I always seem to pick Xander or Spike-centric eps over Angel or Riley.

Glad to see Pangs hanging in there, too. Definitely one of my faves.