Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Massive Buffy Episode Tournament a.k.a "September Silliness"

So way back before this little here blog began, we were just a few friends and fellow fanatics of the Whedon. We'd have private forum arguments, send mini email news alerts to each other (well, Michelle mostly just sent pics of Boreanaz in the bathtub, but that's a whole other story) and of course have our yearly Buffyfest. What we'd also do is tournaments, which is what inspired our now notorious March Madness Whedonverse Character Tourney, this past Spring.

One time I'm pretty sure we did a Super Episode Tourney with, like, every single damn Whedon episode of anything ever. It didn't actually end with a winner because there are only 3 of us and Bitsy refused to break a tie betwixt Michelle and I. He was taking a stand and now we'll never know what the best episode of anything ever was. We did end up managing to agree on a strictly Buffy Episode Tourney and we thought we'd share the results of the top 4, below. The results definitely don't define our collective top 4 episodes ever. It just sort of happens that way in tourneys. I think "OMWF" got knocked out in the second round by "Hush" or something, and yet "Homecoming" made it to the top 8. Go figure. Anyway, here goes:

Spifrillyria's Final Four:
Lover's Walk vs. Innocence
The Gift vs. Becoming pt. 2

I'm not going to bother letting on what took the top prize since we're proud to announce we'll be opening it up from scratch, to the masses, starting tomorrow September 4th. An internet wide Buffy Episode Tournament! This will be known as "September Silliness." We're starting with the top 128 episodes as we had to eliminate 16 to fit them in the brackets (I don't think "I Robot, You Jane" will mind) and will keep going all month long.

Here's a teaser of the bracket. Get ready because there are some tough calls even at this early stage! "Passion" vs. "The Body"? How to choose? This is how "Go Fish" ends up lasting 3 rounds.


Anonymous said...

Ooooooh! OK, I just got overly excited by this. ;)

DivaDea said...

OMG, behold the fun!

Michelle said...

Yes, fun and excitement!

Tara said...

SO EXCITED! What will take the top spot?? I really have no idea how this is going to go down.

TripeLLLe, you can see the first round seeds in the tourney bracket (click to enlarge).

michael (mbatz) said...

Cool! Go Pangs!!! well, it's a personal fav of mine:)

elainecleo said...

Seeing Red was the start of Spike becoming a man
I only have eyes for you
Normal Again
Hells Bells
I was Made to love
Tough Love
Bargaining pt1
The Wish
Becoming Part 2
As you Were
Bring on the night
The Gift
Who Are You