Friday, September 25, 2009

THE FINAL FOUR - September Silliness Buffy Episode Tournament


We're down to the final 4 Buffy episodes. Two are obvious and the other two are pretty remarkable having made it this far. The bracket made things funky, but these are the 4 outstanding eps. In fact, 3 out of the 4 left are listed in today's Television Without Pity article listing their top 20 episodes in the Whedonverse. Guess everyone is in agreement then! (Except me, wahhh about The Gift's elimination! She saved the world...a lot!) Ahem. Let's review what happened in The Elite Eight:

"Becoming Part 2" beat "Restless"
"Hush" beat "Innocence"
"Once More, With Feeling" pummled "Becoming Part 1"
"Doppelgangland" beat "Tabula Rasa"

So now it's pretty much:
Season 2 vs. Season 4
Season 6 vs Season 3

The Final Four has 2 matches and these last 2 rounds will go a little longer. Voting for this part ends Sunday at 11:59 pm EST, at which point the Championship top 2 will begin.

If you still need a refresher, click here for the full list of episodes and their descriptions.

The West
Location: Angel's Mansion

The East
Location: Cleveland Hellmouth

Happy Voting!

If your curious to see the entire bracket listing the entire tourney history, click here to enlarge:


heroine_tv said...

I love all the episodes in the final four, but I'm a little heartbroken that "Innocence" didn't make it. "Innocence" turned me into a Buffy fan, and inspired me to buy the complete series set, before even finishing the series.

Also, I'm surprised (but pleased) that everyone loves vamp Willow so much--as I'm assuming she's why "Doppelgangland" made it so far.

Dooltun the Great-Champion of Women, Lover of Humanity, Seeker of Truth, Viewer of Quality Porn, and International Man of Mystery said...

Hi guys....

I chose "Becoming Part 2" over "Hush." Kind of a tough choice, but Becoming is just too important. Plus, I really enjoyed seeing Angel sucked into the bottomless pits of Hell. Chalk it up as a character building experience, putz.

OMWF over Doppelgangland. I'm really surprised Doppel made it this far. Shocked, really. I totally love the episode, but come on. We all know there are better eps out there. Well, not all, but at least the cooler Buffyfesters (like me)know the deal McNeal.

That's where I stand, fellow Buffyfesters....

skyroom80 said...

Becoming, Part 2 over Hush. Went with the gut instead of the head. "Becoming 2" has so many things going for it: Impossible choices; learning what it is to be completely alone; losing a love of one's life only to find out, at the very end when it's too late, that the love has returned; leaving everything familiar because of overwhelming odds. Sorry, but Hush doesn't deliver that kind of power.

Once More, With Feeling over Dopplegangland. Two kick-as episodes, Still, we get a wonderful side of Willow in OMWF, as well as in Dopple. Plus, all the other firsts -- and it moves the S6 story line along beautifully.

I am disappointed, too, that Innocence didn't make it. :-(

CH said...

I REALLY want Hush or OMwF to take the prize. I love "Becoming," but the other two episodes really represent how ballsy and creative "Buffy" was at every moment of its run. "Doppelgangland" is good, but it's kind of the placeholder...

Hazel said...

Throughout I've been voting for episodes I'm happy to watch time and time again. Plus I'm a big Tara fan so I'm hoping for a Hush v OMWF face-off.

This has been so much fun.

Thanks for organising it.

Michelle said...

I picked Becoming and OMWF. I'm a little bitter that Doppelgangland is still around but "The Gift" is out of the running. Doesn't seem right.

Anonymous said...

I went with Hush in a very tough call. Becoming Pt. 2 was undoubtedly more important for the series mythos, but Hush was such a remarkable TV show that demonstrates the creative genius and risk-taking that is Buffy and things Whedon. I remember watching that whole ep with my mouth agape, thinking how amazing it was that he made a TV episode with no speaking.

OMWF has that, plus pretty much sums up the entire series and how all the characters have grown and what they had been through. I have no doubt it will end up the title holder.

Anonymous said...

I went with Hush and OMWF. They are both just ground breaking eps of TV. Although Becoming pt 2 should have honorable mention. (Except for all the Buffy/Angel angst, which I'm soooo over.)

Scar said...

I found it really difficult picking between Hush and Becoming! In the end I went for Hush, because I do prefer the later seasons of Buffy.
Definately OMWF, I really want it to win, looks like it might have a good chance now...

Jesalyn Blount said...

I'm still a little confused that Dopplegangland beat out Tabula Rasa. Like for real

Anonymous said...

I picked "Hush" and (dramatic pause) "Dopplegangland.' I know OMWF is the favorite among the two but I enjoyed Dopple more. Just personal taste. OMWF is a great episode.

Steph said...

I picked Becoming Pt.2 over Hush (only cuz Hush still gives me the creeps.)

And OMWF vs. Dopplegangland is ridiculous. I love them both equally, but I chose the singy goodness of OMWF over Dopplegangland.

Kaaren said...

Aaaaakkk! My brain. can't. choose.

The Groosalugg said...

Voted Hush over Becoming p2, but my mind is almost as divided as the vote. Very close match up. And exicting how close the two still are!

Voted Once More With Feeling over Dopplegangland. That one was much easier.