Wednesday, September 23, 2009

September Silliness Buffy Episode Tournament: The Elite Eight


Just 8 episodes left! This Buffy episode tournament has really brought the surprises along the way. I thought I knew this fandom, I really did. After that last round, I'm kind of in shock. Let's review what happened in The Sweet Sixteen:

"Restless" beat "Consequences" clean and simple
"Becoming Part 2" beat "The Gift." Wow, "Becoming 2" is the ultimate game changing episode of the entire series, imo...but I never would've thought "The Gift" wouldn't make the top 8. "Becoming 2" better take the whole tourney after that drama.
"Hush" totally beat up "This Year's Girl" Story-wise, not sure I agree but I do get it.
"Innocence" edged out "Graduation Day pt 2" but it was very close.
"Becoming pt. 1" beat "Prophecy Girl" putting both of the eps in that particular 2-parter in the Elite 8!
"Once More, With Feeling" beat the epic writing and acting that is "The Body"...that was a toughie.
"Doppelgangland" beat "Surprise" aaaand now I'm really confused
and finally
"Tabula Rasa" took out "Band Candy." Well, the southeast Region "England" has always been the silliest of September Silliness

A few fun stats about The Elite Eight. Of the remaining episodes:
Seasons 2 is in the lead with 37.5% of the remaining eps from that season
Seasons 4 & 6 are both tied at 25% of the eps left
Season 3 went from the lead in The Sweet Sixteen to the bottom with 12.5%
Seasons 5 is now out
Season 1 is now out
Season 7 has been out. Season7fail

The Elite Eight has 4 matches and voting for this part ends Thursday at 11:59 pm EST, at which point the Final Four will begin. Good luck because these are impossible!

If you still need a refresher, click here for the full list of episodes and their descriptions.

Region 1: Sunnydale
Location: The Bronze

Region 2: LA
Location: Hemery High School

Region 3: Scotland
Location: Base at the Citadel

Region 3: England
Location: The Watcher's Council

If your curious to see the entire bracket so far (and what's up next), click here to enlarge:


Tara said...

What the hell??? Region 1 and Region 3 are IMPOSSIBLE.

heroine_tv said...

I went for "Becoming Part II," "Innocence," Once More with Feeling," and "Doppelgangland." I surprisingly had no problem making those choices.
I still miss "Who are You," "Selfless," and "The Prom," but I will get over it. Sigh.

skyroom80 said...

Becoming Part 2 over Restless;

Innocence over Hush. Very tough. But Innocence is what define the Buffy/Angel dynamic. Hush will undoubtedly win but I think that will be a mistake. As unusual as Hush is, Innocence has much more intensity and also moves the story forward. *sigh*

Once More, With Feeling over Becoming, Part 2. No contest here. But, dang, I hate having to choose.

Tabula Rasa over Dopplegangland. Have I mentioned recently how much I hate some of these choices? ;-)

The Groosalugg said...

Becoming part 2 vs. Restless. Difficult. Two of my favourite season finales, but very different season finales. Voted Becoming for its initial impact.

Hush vs. Innocence. Sililar match up. Creative S4 vs. Epic S2. This one goes to S4.

Becoming part 1 vs. Once More With Feeling. I hope the finale will become Hush vs. Once More with Feeling.

Doppelgangland vs. Tabula Rasa. Surprised to see these two episodes made it so far in the tournament.

Daltino the Hardcore Closet Pervmeister said...

Becoming over Restless. Easy. I'm surprised Restless made it this far.

Hush over Innocence. Hush is a stand-alone ep, true. But it's so dadgum cool it overrides Innocence's storyline importance factor, in my opinion.

OMWF over Becoming Part 1. Easy.

Tabula Rasa over Doppelgangland. This was my toughest. I still don't know if I made the right choice.

The Tourney is coming to an end. I'm so sad. I wish it could go on forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever in a great big ole orgy of Buffyfest madness....

CH said...

LA & England were super hard. Guh, "Doppelgangland" v. "Tabula Rasa"? Next you'll be telling me Snickers v. Twix--can't choose!

DivaDea said...

Region 3 was tough - went with Tabula Rasa. The rest were surprisingly easy. I'm still mourning the loss of Selfless, though. :(

Scar said...

Restless and OMWF are my all time favourite episodes. I'm so glad they both made it this far :)

Michelle said...

I completely forgot to vote btw "The Gift" and "Becoming Part II" in the last round! I was so stressed over those two, I never cam back to vote. Oh, well.

"Becoming Part II" has more emotion than "Restless". Plus, the awesome sword fight and "me" line.

I voted for "Innocence". Again, it has more emotion and as a lot of people have said, "Hush" is slightly overrated.

This was a tough one. I voted for "Becoming Part I" in the end because it deserves a fighting chance.


Daltino the Hardcore Closet Pervmeister, Sexual Dynamo, Wishful Thinker, and All-Around Putzola said...

Hush is not overrated, not even slightly. It's not my favorite episode, but it's at the top. Michelle's Buffy credentials are now in question. I think only women say Hush is overrated, because it's not a core chick-flick type episode involving Aaannggeeelllll. You see how they all swoon over Aaaannggeeelllll episodes. There's an acute lack of objectivity going on here. Yes Sir. I could be wrong, but that's my latest and most technologically advanced Buffy theory. On a side note, I loved the Hush scene when Anya did the finger in the hole sign to Xander so they could, well, you know and the look on Giles's face was so funny....
Sadly, my favorie episode has already been elimated by overzealous trigger-happy Buffyfesters....

Anonymous said...

It's getting easier for me.

Becoming 2 over Restless.
Hush over Innocence.
OMWF over Becoming 1.
Tabula Rasa over Doppelgangland. But only just. Mostly cause of Randy Giles and Joan the Vampire Slayer.

Hush and OMWF are just special eps that should move forward. Restless is a good ep, but it's basically just an extra.