Monday, September 21, 2009

September Silliness Buffy Episode Tournament: The Sweet Sixteen


There are just 16 episodes left in this Buffy episode tournament and I'm not going to candy-coat it, this next part is really hard. Some crazy eps are pinned against one another...anything can happen. My prediction has always been "OM,WF" taking the entire tourney but now I'm not so sure. Before we get into it, let's recap what happened last round:

"Becoming Pt 1." beat "School Hard"
"Prophecy Girl" beat "Helpless", by just a little
"Once More, With Feeling" kind of killed the fabulous "Pangs"
"The Body" beat "Fool for Love"
"Doppelgangland" beat "Enemies"
"Surprise" beat "New Moon Rising"
"Band Candy" beat "Faith, Hope & Trick"
and finally
"Tabula Rasa" took out the series premiere "Welcome to the Hellmouth"

A few fun stats about The Sweet Sixteen. Of the remaining episodes:
Season 3 is in the lead with 31.25%
Seasons 4 & 2 are both tied at 18.75% of the eps left
Seasons 5 & 6 both have 12.5% of the eps left
Season 1 has just 1 episode left (Prophecy Girl) so that makes 6.25%
Season 7 has 0 episodes remaining in this tourney. Season7fail

The Sweet Sixteen has 8 matches and voting for this part ends Tuesday at 11:59 pm EST, at which point the Elite Eight will begin.

If you need a refresher, click here for the full list of episodes and their descriptions.

Region 3: Scotland
Location: Base at the Citadel

Region 3: England
Location: The Watcher's Council

If your curious to see the entire bracket so far (and what's up next), click here to enlarge:


Tara said...

The Gift vs Becoming pt. 2=hardest decision ever.

Ugh. That's like final 2 eps territory right there. I guess I wasn't prepared for such horror yet.

skyroom80 said...

I think this is my turn to have voted against the tide:

Consequences over Restless Difficult because it's the episode in S3 where the lines are drawn vs the surrealist end to a Scoobie mystical partnership.

Becoming Part 2 over The Gift. I LOVE The Gift! I always say that the S5 ending is the best series ender -- but then we wouldn't have had Dark Willow or OMWF. S2 is still the best season, though.

Hush over This Year's Girl. Yank my heart out! But Hush says it all while never saying a word.

Innocence over Graduation Day Part 2. Tie my guts up! How to choose between the Mayor's ascension and "Goodnight My Love" at the end of Innocence? Had to go with Innocence. And, crap, for having to choose!

Becoming Part 1 over Prophecy Girl. The only easy one for me. S1 was weak all the way through.

Surprise over Doppleganland. I may never forgive this challenge for that!

Once More With Feeling over The Body. Hardest choice so far. These two eps should never have to face off. :-(

Band Candy over Tabula Rasa. Again, really, really difficult.

I don't wanna think about the rest of this challenge. Really don't. :-(

Anonymous said...

Hardest vote so far (actually, pretty much first hard one for me). And I was suprprised to be in the majority, albeit The Gift was on the lead just by 1 (my) vote, so it could go either way. But I almost got the full majority vote, until my Band Candy vote came second to Tabula Rasa. Things can change of course, but still...

Becoming vs. The Gift, though a bit hard, still not quite. The Gift just was so excellent season (and series) ending, I'll be hard pressed when voting that against Hush/Restless... Innocence won just by the rocket launcher, that was a close one.

D said...

Hi, guys...

Consequences over Restless.

Tara is right about Becoming and The Gift. Very tough. Went with The Gift.

Went with Hush. Easy choice.

I went with Graduation Day.

Prophecy Girl.

I went with The Body over OMWF, but I'm in the minority. The Body is just such an amazing episode on so many levels. So is OMWF, for that matter.


Band Candy and Tabula Rasa was tough. They were both so fun. This was probably my toughest choice. I went with.....Band Candy.

Jen-o-saurus said...

I must take the rest of the day off work...deciding between Once More With Feeling and The Body has me ill.

Jaina said...

I'm surprised it's so close between Becoming Part I and Prophecy Girl! That's a not brainer for me - Becoming Part I!

Aerliss said...

Season 7 is my favourite >_> Dark, depressing, virtually hopeless... what more do you want from a drama show?

Restless vs Consequences... cookey dream sequences or Faith's crash landing from grace? Gotta go with the dark and dismal on this.

Becoming Pt2 or The Gift Ah man, come on! No, it's gonna have to be The Gift. Way more people got hurt in that ep XD

Hush vs This Years Girl... pft. Hush.

Innocence or Grad Day 2? Another toughie... Grad Day 2 I think.For the mere fact that is had a slightly happier note (yeah, yeah... you have to go against type sometimes) Whoa, as of my vote they are neck-and-neck with 61 each!

Becoming Part 1 or Prophecy Girl... I actually never really liked prophecy girl all that much so...

Ahahahaha! The Body or OMWF! Dude! Could this be where OMWF gets knocked out of the tournament? *pulls out hair* a musical or one with no music? Ach. I shall watch both and come back to vote on that one.

Dopplegangland and Surprise... Surprise has a better ending, but Dopplegangland is better all round... and has two Willows...

Band Candy or Tabula Rasa... bloody hell. More comedy in TR, but Snyder is awesome. We have Ripper in BC... but Spike in TR. No Dawn in BC (sorry 'lil bit fans) but no Anya or Tara in it either and no Joyce in TR. Blarg. The casts give excellent performances in both eps, the writing is strong in both eps... TR ends on a sad note so it wins :P

Michelle said...

This was a nail biter.

I went with "Restless" over "Consequences" because of the artistic quality. I love The mayor and I feel guilty over this.

I'm still pondering "Becoming Part II" and "The Gift". I'll get back to it.

"Innocence" vs. GDII was so hard. I just stared at the screen trying to picture the scenes in my head and there's so much quality in both. I go with GD II, even though I'm already questioning my decision.

"Becoming" Part I over Prophecy Girl. I love Angel's back story.

A gave a sympathy vote to "The Body".

"Surprise" was an easy choice for me. More action and drama.

The funny episodes are against each other. I went with the funnier one - "Band Candy".

Now, back to the issue at hand. I can't seem to pick one over the other, so I'm going to come back later.

Scar said...

OMWF vs The Gift was one of the hardest descisions I've ever made! The musical is my favourite episode ever, but I know that The Body is better and made so well. In the end I had to go for the one I preffered over the one I thought was better.

Michael (mbatz) said...

This was pretty easy for me...really. Restless over Consequences...Restless is sooo much better (no brainer). It crystalizes the characters, where they were and where they're going. The Gift over BCom2. Buffy's death over Angel's. The Gift is the true ending of the show for me before the trainwreck absentee fatherishness (Joss) of 6 and 7. Hush beats TYG easily. Innocence beats Grad Day just had more weight, you know. It sets up the rest of sea 2 with tremors all the way thru the series. Prophecy Girl over Becom 1...Prop girl is THE ep I point to when trying to define Buffy the series. It has it all-snarkiness, suspense, teamwork...the Scoobies are still outsiders and Buff dies. Again, it's referred to for 6 more yrs. It still holds up (besides the spec effects). The Body (unfortunately) has to beat's just a BETTER ep. OMWF is fun, it's diff, it's a musical blah blah..but The Body is well, better and MORE important. Surprise over Dopp...easy choice. Band Candy beats T Rasa- it's a toss up, that doesn't matter. See, with logic, it's easy:)

The Groosalugg said...

Restless vs. Consequences. Difficult. Very different episodes, that I both love a lot, but Consequences is just a bit better.

Becoming part 2 vs The Gift. Comparable episodes, but I think Becoming part 2 is a little bit better.

Hush vs. This Years Girl. Quite a simple one. Hush is simply outstanding.

Innocence vs. Graduation Day part 2. Another close one.

Becoming Part 1 vs. Prophecy Girl. And yet another close one. Now that I'm writing the choice down I'm getting second thoughts about it.

Once More, With Feeling vs. The Body. Impossible! The numbers 1 and 2 in my book up against each other :(.

Doppelgangland vs. Surprise.

Band Candy vs. Tabula Rasa. Band Candy is a lot of fun and I've never been a fan of Tabula Rasa.