Sunday, September 20, 2009

Live-ish Blogging The Emmys

Ok we're here, we're here.'m here. Michelle has that pesky West Coast feed, Bits is MIA and I'm just rolling in. Here's what we missed so far:

-Neil Patrick Harris killed it in the opening.

-Kristin Chenowath is adorably cute and small and aww Pushing Daisies.

-Alyson Hannigan is stunning. Really, she looks great.

-Total fail. Neil loses the Emmy to Duckie. Aww. But upon return from commercial break he handles it gracefully and funnily because hey, the kid's got class.

-Justin Timberlake rocks some weird glasses. Toni Colette wins for that awesomely named show ;)

-NPH is actually not handling his loss very well, piping in to John Cryer in the press room to badger him. Hee! Poor thing, maybe next year, Dr. Horrible. Maybe next year.

-Timberlake and Tina Fey accept their previously won Creative Emmy award (does that mean Joss gets to do that too?)

-Rob Lowe is orange, has crooked mouth. Alec Baldwin is kinda creepy. Really glad neither one of these people are in the Whedonverse so we don't have to discuss them on a regular basis.

-'Reality Show' section of the evening. Whew, time to take a break and make some tea. Dr Horrible's Tea of Evil maybe? Yes, I think that's fitting.

-Crap crap and more crap. Mini-series etc. and...

-OHMIGOD Dr. Horrible is on the Emmys!! Everyone is there it's so fun and amazing! Captain Hammer likes CSI Miami (the other 2 are "too heady") and Zima! Did Joss write this? Then They all sing! Here's a pic!

Wow, that was a rush. I'm so proud of these people we blog about on a daily basis...aren't you? Anywho, back to the show.

**update** here's the vid!

-The Variety section is actually pretty fricking funny. The girl on the last season of Charmed that's on that Big Bang show that Summer Glau guested on, is presenting. What? I'm trying to bring it back to the Whedonverse here.

-YES! I'm finally caught up to real time. That was challenging but now, I'm live blogging.

-Jimmy Fallon has an auto tuner on his mic and he fell and it's really funny. Both "Be my MotherLover" AND Flight of the Conchords are nominated and neither won. That's ridiculous.

10:15 pm Wow it's much less pressure to not have to fast forward but I think most of the Whedony fun is over. We're on to the Drama category. Aww, it was really sad when Juliet died after that 3 year relationship with Sawyer that we didn't see. That's for another blog, though. While on that subject, Ben from Lost won for the 2nd time. He's very humble.

10:20 Cherry Jones is a cool name. She won for 24. David Fury is the Executive Producer of 24.

10:25 Sarah McLachlan is singing. Her songs have been featured in 2 season finales of Buffy."Full of Grace" is at the very end of Becoming pt. 2 after Buffy killed Angel and "Prayer of St. Francis" is in Grave as Buffy climbs out of the ground with Dawn. Don't get pissy, it's my job to do this.

10:33 WHOA spoke too soon! Italiano David Boreano is on...Hello Hotness! It's actually 2 vamps for the price of 1 as he's with Bill Compton on stage. You know what? That guy looks a LOT better at the Emmys than on True Blood. Doesn't hold a candle to Boreano, though. See for yourself.

10:45 Glenn Close wins. Dude from Breaking Bad wins. That show's way intense.

10:50 Bob Newhart is still a funny motherlover. Yum, this 'Captain Hammer Corporate Tool' tea is delicious. Tina Fey wins everything, always.

10:57 Bill Compton wins the equivalent of MTV's Pepsi viewer's choice award.

11:01 Mad Men wins for Best Drama. Mad Men features Vincent Kartheiser (Connor) and Christina Hendricks who is the chick that plays Mal's wife aka "Our Mrs. Reynolds" in Firefly. She was also on an ep of Angel and sort of embarrassingly related, Tru Calling.

That's it! I love thinking about how at the after parties in LA tonight, Aly Hannigan and Alexis Denisof will be shmoozing with Boreano. They'll then bump into NPH and it'll be a big ole' Whedonfest with champagne. Michelle, get over there and do some on site reporting.

Ok, now let me go because we have a tourney to run. Be back in an hour!


Vicky C said...

How awesome was the Dr Horrible moment?! Woo!

Tara said...

SO AWESOME! Fillion is hysterical.

constant gina said...

NPH did a great job...!!!!!!

Michelle said...

I loved Dr. Horrible but Capt. hammer stole that bit.

NPH was great with the dry humor.

Boreano looked amazing. Just seeing him next to the True Blood guy made me miss Angel. Did they do that on purpose?

Why did John Hughes get a snub during the "In Memory" section? That was not right at all.

Amy said...

I think he did a great job as a host.