Saturday, March 27, 2010

B is for Buffy!

This is the most amazingly geeked out alphabet with some great art to boot. Check out Neil Cameron's "A-Z of Awesomeness" which is a damn near perfect gift, people. Our affinity to the letters "B" and "J" are obvious, of course.

If you'd like to purchase a poster of the full alphabet, click here. All profits are donated to SSNAP (Support for the Sick Newborn And their Parents), a charity which supports the Intensive Special Care Nurseries (Neonatal Unit) at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford.


Tara said...

OMG, I'm loving "O" for the Oompa Loompa factor. Z also rocks and Q and W and....

Joss is naked by the fire, enough said there.

And hello, R2D2 with a mustachio? This thing is a million times radtastic. I can't even take it.

Andre said...

Dude, look at Buffy's pose! Her legs, boots, and skirt are exactly like River's in certain Serenity promotional posters! Now *that* is awesome.